Tasmanian winemaking facilities go from bust to boom

The demand for Tasmanian winemaking facilities is rising strongly as new plantings increase and more grapes are grown each year.

It was only a couple of years ago when the biggest commercial winemaking facility in the state, at Cambridge, was placed into liquidation after losing millions of dollars.

Now with new owners and a change in operation, Tas Vintners is ready to lift production of grapes from 1,200 tonnes to more than 4,000 tonnes in the next three harvests.

Key points:

  • A couple of years after being placed into liquidation, a winemaking centre in Tasmania is back on track.
  • Two new wineries are under construction in the Coal River Valley as the industry expands.
  • Winemaking at one of the new wineries means grapes won't have to be transported to the mainland.

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