Supporting Local Tasmanian Producers


It's time to get behind our Tasmanian producers as they face cancellation of events, dwindling orders from restaurants and closure of farmers markets .

In the wake of COVID-19, Tasmanian producers are needing new ways to get their produce to market. Many of them are taking their products online, opening up their farm gate for customers to pickup produce and even starting home delivery services. It is so important for us to support them first in any way we can, instead of buying up big at the supermarkets so 
  1. they will still be in business when this virus breaks and life gets back to normal and 
  2. all this fabulous Tasmanian produce does not go to waste. 

Instead of getting down about it all, this is a great time to show just how amazing Tasmanians are at supporting each other. With the need for social distancing and requirement to stop large events people are obviously not going out as much as they would normally. Farmers are not alone in being hit by the changes brought about by COVID-19. So many small business owners, from those who work in hospitality to farmers markets, are feeling the pinch. 


While we might not be able to do all the things we would normally, we can all continue to support local economies by buying local Tasmanian produce. We are incredibly lucky to have such a plethora of producers who supply everything from beef , lamb and pork to eggs and veggies, not to mention a great range of value-add products like jams, pickles and even home delivered meals. Buying locally supports farmers and their families and means the money you spend stays within Tasmania. Besides, social distancing is so much easier at the farm gate than in the supermarket.


Tasmanian Women in Agriculture is driving a social media campaign to #BuyTasmanianFirst so if you have bought locally share your story.  You can help by doing any of the following...

  • Visit the TWiA social pages and share what our producers have on offer.
  • Share your own images, story, video and use the hashtag #BuyTasmanianFirst
  • If you are a producer, let us know where you are, what you produce and how customers can buy from you, so we can share to our network.

While it might seem a little thing, that one purchase means a great deal to producers and shop owners. Helping spread the word will als​o build the support our local businesses need in these challenging times. Let's do this together and share how resilient, resourceful and supportive Tasmanians really are!

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