Shearing school caters to increased demand for shearers

​​One of the oldest professions in the country is in need of new workers — and a new wave of youngsters is answering the call.

Young Aboriginal people keen on careers in the shearing industry have just graduated from a prototype shearing training camp aimed at producing new workers to top up an ageing shearing workforce and cater to an increased demand for shearers.

The camp provided instruction in both the classroom and shearing shed and linked graduates directly with local and regional shearing contractors for future jobs.

Key points:

  • Currently there are just 476 shearers serving the state of Western Australia
  • If wool production rose by 10 per cent a year, there would be a demand for an additional 48 new shearers each year
  • A new shearing training camp trialled at a farm in Northampton aims to encourage young people to join the industry in WA
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