Regional drought resilience activities commence

​Using a community development and partnership approach regional partners are coming together to develop Regional Drought Resilience Plans for the south, north and north west of Tasmania. The formation of these regional strategic plans will be community led and focus on innovative and effective ways to build regional drought resilience across the agricultural sector, supporting industries, the natural environment and the broader community.

Your regional coordinators for the planning process are:
South - Lissa Villeneuve
North - Janice Miller
North West - Theresa Chapman

Southern Region N​ews

The region's Drought Risk, Resilience and Adaptive Capacity Repor​t is now online - Southern Region Report.​

Drought resilience was determined by analysing the potential drought impact (risk) and adaptive capacity of each of the twelve LGAs in the southern region. You can provide feedback on the report.

If you are hosting or know of any events where I could chat to people about strengthening drought resilience, I would love to hear from you. I’m very keen to go where people already are as much as possible, rather than trying to get them to come to me.

I know that the past few months have been quite challenging for many, so I hope that you will get to spend time with loved ones and enjoying this beautiful place we get to call home over the holidays.


Northern Region News

If you live in the north, I encourage you to register to the Northern Regional Drought Resilience Planning website and get involved with the local activities to develop the region's drought resilience plan.

Do you belong to a community/industry/grower group in the northern region? Are you interested in joining the co-design community-led drought resilience planning project? If YES, then please email me at, so I can arrange an introductory visit and ensure you are part of the planning journey.


​North West Region News

It has been great to start having conversations about resilience and drought in the North West. Changed rainfall patterns are on the radar here and so far, I have heard that we have a lot to gain from planning for them and strengthening our communities against their impacts.

To be involved and keep up-to-date with regional planning activities, register to the region's website​.

I would like to hear from as many people in the region as possible, so please invite me to your meetings and events, or contact me for a conversation. Are you part of an aligned project or organisation? Let’s talk about how we can support each other.


Further details can be found at Drought Ready Tasmania.
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