Public comment is sought on new biosecurity (SDN-1 Modified Organism) regulations.

Tasmanians are being encouraged to have their say on draft regulations that cover organisms modified using a gene editing technique known as SDN-1.
As of October 2019, organisms modified using SDN-1 are no longer regulated as genetically modified organisms (GMOs), under the National Gene Technology Scheme.
Tasmania’s 10-year moratorium on Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)​ remains in place and is an important part of our brand, offering a marketing advantage for our high quality, high value primary industries.
To address any potential concerns in markets where SDN 1 modified organisms continue to be considered GMOs, the Tasmanian Government has developed regulations to control the entry and commercial release of SDN-1 modified organisms into the Tasmanian environment.
This will ensure that these organisms are effectively regulated the same as GMOs in the agri-food sector for marketing purposes, as outlined in the Tasmanian Gene Technology Policy 2019-2029.
This is a cautious approach designed to provide protection for Tasmanian businesses that supply markets where SDN-1 organism continue to be regulated as GMOs.
Importantly, the draft regulations will maintain the status quo for businesses that rely on Tasmania’s GMO free status and ensure that Tasmania continues to be able to confidently trade as GMO-free in markets that are sensitive to SDN 1 modified organisms.

Submissions on the draft regulation close on 29 January 2021.

Submissions can be either emailed to or posted to:
SDN-1 Regulations
Agriculture and Water Division
GPO Box 44
Hobart, TAS 7001
Further information click on the link to the Draft Biosecurity (SDN-1 Modified Organism) Regulations 2020 and Fact Sheet can be found on the DPIPWE website.
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