Persistence and diversity has its own rewards

Seven years ago, Andrew Terry came to a crossroads, keep his day job, or quit, and chase his dream.

He and his wife owned an 81-hectare property at Exton in Tasmania's North, but he spent every day working at a vineyard in the Tamar Valley.

Work on his own farm was relegated to nights and weekends.

But then an offer appeared that was too good to turn down.

"An opportunity arose in 2014 with a berry company in America to diversify into a berry operations," Mr Terry said.

"Berries were a nice fit for me because I've always been passionate about intensive horticulture."

Key points:

  • Northern Tasmanian farmer Andrew Terry has taken home an award at the Australian Farmer of the Year Awards.
  • Mr Terry has been recognised for Excellence in Diversification.
  • Mr Terry runs cattle, grows crops, and manages a large berry farm across his two properties. 

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