My worm farm isn't working properly. What am I doing wrong?

​Overfeeding worm farms with kitchen scraps is the number one mistake people make especially when they first build their worm farm.​

Exactly how much your worms will eat depends on how many worms there are, the size of your worm farm, and what the environmental conditions are — they eat less in the colder months, for example.

Worms — and the microbes they rely on for nutrition — need to multiply, says commercial worm farmer and educator Brian Donaldson aka The Worm Man.

A few top tips

  • Check your worms once or twice a week
  • Cover your scraps with extra bedding
  • Protect your worm farm from extreme temperatures
  • Feed worms before they've eaten most of what you last gave them
  • Water your worms to keep them cool
  • Feed worms citrus, onions, dairy and meat
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