Joel Salatin in Australia to champion holistic approach to food production

Joel Salatin's ideas aren't appreciated by everyone.  But the man dubbed by Time magazine as "America's best farmer" takes any criticism in his stride.

Over the years, he has transformed his family farm in Virginia into a thriving organic operation based on a back-to-basics approach.

As well as writing several books on simplifying farm life, Mr Salatin has returned to Australia to encourage others to learn more about the techniques he uses to improve production.

"There needs to be more accountability in the food system," he said.

"We are all about regenerating the soil, hydrating the landscape and making cleaner air.

"The whole question of how we keep feeding ourselves and soil depletion is on the mind of a lot of people, not just farmers."

Mr Salatin is an advocate for farmers replicating "nature's patterns" by using animals to recycle biomass to regenerate the soil.‚Äč

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