International vegetable of the year purple sweet potatoes pack a punch with higher antioxidants

While more than half of all Australian households buy sweet potatoes, the range of varieties and colours available other than the popular gold version may come as a surprise to some. 

Last year 64 per cent of Australian households purchased sweet potato and consumed 3.15 kilograms per capita, according to grower research company Hort Innovation.

The purple sweet potato has since stolen the spotlight, being named international vegetable of the year for 2024 due to its nutritional benefits.

Clinical nutritionist Belinda Martinella said the violet vegetable's colour was due to higher levels of anthocyanins, or antioxidants, than other varieties. 

"Just like with beetroot, that beautiful deep purple colour means it's really rich in antioxidants and that gives your immune system a boost," she said.

"Even the other colour sweet potatoes, such as red and copper, offer lots of nutritional benefits, like vitamin A and C, and beta carotene."

Sweet potatoes have surged in popularity in the past decade with production up 95 per cent since 2013.

Ms Martinella said they were a colourful and cost-effective cooking option that was available all year.

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