Independent Review of the Queensland Fruit Fly Response is now available

Earlier in the year, Minister Barnett announced the Terms of Reference for an Independent Review of the 2018/2019 Queensland fruit fly (Qff) Response.

The Review involved a general call for public submissions and the reviewer (Mr Mike Blake) also conducted a series of public consultation meetings and met individually with key stakeholders, including representatives from industry, growers, retailers, distributors, Biosecurity Tasmania and DPIPWE. 

The Review is now complete and the Final Report and Government Response‚Äč has been released. 

The Reviewer has proposed six recommendations that cover the following themes:
  • Improved articulation and communication of respective State and Federal responsibilities;
  • Continued improvements to the national fruit fly system;
  • Further industry liaison and review of submissions with a view to adopting industry feedback for biosecurity improvement;
  • Enhanced education, communication and training across the biosecurity system which incorporates growers, distributors, retailers, state entry points, and others;
  • The development of a communications policy for application in the event of an incursion; and
  • Refinements to the emergency management approach, including the recommendation for a State Controller to lead the response in the event of an incursion.
The Tasmanian Government has accepted these recommendations in full.‚Äč
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