Have your say to help shape the next National Drought Agreement

You can help inform the way the Australian, state and territory governments work together to support farmers and farming communities to prepare for, recover from, and manage through drought.

The 2018-2024 National Drought Agreement (NDA), which provides a framework for a consistent and shared approach to drought policy across governments, is now up for review. We want to hear from you on what should be included in the next agreement (starting 2024).

Feedback to date has identified some issues worth considering in the next agreement, such as clarifying roles and responsibilities, outlining how we can best work together, making the agreement easier to navigate and streamlining reporting. We are now seeking your views on the ideas raised so far and anything we might have missed. 

Your submission will be shared with the government signatories to the NDA and will feed into the review report to be published later this year. The report will recommend what should and shouldn’t change in the next agreement, for government consideration. There will also be another opportunity for comment when the draft text of the new agreement is released for consultation next year.

Have your say by 30 June 2022 at haveyoursay.awe.gov.au/national-drought-agreement-review

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