Bushfire planning for pets and livestock

With the summer season now upon us comes the increased risk of bushfires and Biosecurity Tasmania urges animal owners to be well prepared.

It is important that everyone with animals has at least a basic plan to protect them during a bushfire.

It is essential that any decision to move your animals is made early – preferably at the first warning of an extreme fire risk. Do not leave that decision until the fire is at hand.

Preparation is the key to survival for you and your animals. If your plan includes an evacuation option for your animals, you need to be equipped and have a destination pre-arranged with family or friends. For instance, for horses, you should have transport for them, and ensure that they are trained to load.

If livestock are to remain, identify the best paddock to put them in (preferably a bare paddock with a reasonable dam) or open internal gates so they can find the best option at the time.

All animals need to be identified to their owner. Dogs and cats should be microchipped; but also have names and addresses on their collars. Your name and address should be attached to bird or other small pet cages or carriers.
Another important action, if you aren’t already registered, is to register your property with a Property Identification Code (PIC). A PIC assists Biosecurity Tasmania to assess the potential impacts in the event of a bushfire or similar natural disaster. For more information and to register your property visit the website: https://pras.biosecurity.tas.gov.au/pras/ui

More information on animals and bushfire is available on the Biosecurity Tasmania website: https://dpipwe.tas.gov.au/biosecurity-tasmania/animal-biosecurity/animal-welfare/animals-and-bushfire

Talk to your local council as well so you are aware of all the options available in your area.

Download the Bushfire Survival Plan Poster.

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