European wasp warning for WA as record numbers of the aggressive insect discovered

‚ÄčAn aggressive wasp with no known predators is being found in record numbers in Western Australia, with suburbs in Perth's Hills and foothills most at risk.

At least 128 European wasp nests were discovered over summer and it is estimated there are up to 100 more, almost double the number found last year.

Super nests of up to 20,000 wasps have been discovered in WA, prompting the Department of Agriculture and Food to warn the wasp could have a devastating impact on the state's horticultural and agricultural industries, as well as its outdoor dining culture.

Key points:
  • European wasps have a painful sting and can devastate horticultural industries
  • WA is the only place in the world to prevent them taking hold despite constant invasion
  • But more queen wasps are arriving in WA on freight and cargo from interstate

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