Carpenter gives old tables new life and purpose

​​The old, wooden, wool-sorting table gathering dust in the corner of the shearing shed could be worth thousands of dollars, even if its working life is over — or it's in pieces.

ueensland country carpenter Jason Porter has a 12-month waiting list to restore these broken-down tables.

e are so far gone Mr Porter only has the dowels or slats to work with.

Combining old-school carpentry skills and modern woodworking equipment, he gives them new life and purpose as glass-topped dining tables.

When they come in they're as rough as guts and you turn them around and go, 'Wow, that's gone from being in a wool shed to now a dining piece,'" he said

he fellow who made it back in the day, would have laughed at me.

"If he had a time machine he'd say, 'These were never going to be dining tables mate!'

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