Boots on the Ground fund Grumpy Goat Co. Care Farm

"As an organisation the first project we have chosen to invest into is a ‘Care Farm’ pilot project partnership with Grumpy Goat Co. Care Farm.

Care farming is the therapeutic use of animals and farming practices. The purpose of Care Farms is to provide participants an opportunity to engage with animals to aid and assist in recovery and healing from some mental health, social and physical challenges or conditions.

By investing in this innovative pilot project Boots on the Ground will be able to provide a weekly visit to Grumpy Goat Co. Care Farm for local pre-adolescent school children, who have been identified as benefiting from animal therapy.

The project will be supported by the University of Tasmania Suicide Prevention Team.

It is hoped that the project will deliver the following outcomes;

  1. Enhance participants, social, emotional and cognitive function
  2. Improve the efficiency of mental health treatments and outcomes in pre-adolescent aged students, through sensory and holistic therapies

We cannot wait to see the results of the project and have welcomed the opportunity to be apart of the pilot project from Rebekah Frankcombe."

Biddy Fisk, Boots on the Ground Committee
For media response and interviews please contact Rebekah Frankcombe on:
Phone: 0488 022 773

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