Aquaponic venture described as 'growing two crops on one drop of water'

Fresh vegetables and fish can often be hard to find in small rural towns, but growing two crops on one source of water quickly turned into a viable operation for a producer in South Australia.

Max Gray grows all kinds of so-called fish-powered vegetables in an aquaponic system, in which the fish help to supply the nutrients the vegies need to grow.

He now supplies his local community hotel with fresh leafy produce such as lettuce, kale, herbs, and freshwater fish all year around.

"It is a clean produce and you are growing two crops with one drop of water," Mr Gray said.

"It is the way of the future … and there is certainly a saving out there."

Key points:
  • Aquaponics producer says it's like growing two crops with one drop of water
  • His hot house operation includes 2,300 pots for growing vegies and 600 Murray cod
  • The Murray cod's poo serves as fertiliser for the vegies, which in turn clean the water for the fish

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