Apples ain't always apples when it comes to cider: Heritage varieties boost boutique producers

​Cider sales across the nation have dropped by a whopping $22 million over the past two years, but boutique cider makers are fighting against the trend, using historic apple varieties to bring the sexy back into cider.

National retail data collecting company, IRI, which collects point-of-sale figures from outlets across the country, placed the blame on the homogenous range of ciders in the bottle shops and warned that cider drinkers were fatigued and looking for new inspiration in ciders.

Key points:

  • Cider is declining in popularity across the country with sales dropping $22 million over the past two years
  • Boutique cider makers are turning to new and old ingredients to arrest this decline, incorporating heritage-varieties of fruit into their products
  • The hope is that this point of difference, combined with 100 per cent Australian ingredients, will help boost interest in cider as an artisan product like craft beer

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