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Quad Bike Safety Rebate Scheme

The Quad Bike Safety Rebate Scheme is available to Tasmanian farmers to improve safety on quad bikes.

Expressions on Interest for appointment to the Inland Fisheries Advisory Council

In broad terms, the role of IFAC is to provide strategic advice to the Minister on freshwater fisheries management and fisheries policy.

Farmer of the Year Award winners share a life-long love of the land

The Daly family say they are not "competition-enterers", so you might be able to imagine their surprise to find out they have been crowned Australia's Farmers of the Year.

New quad bike standards

The Australian Government has announced new safety standards for quad bikes

Community urged to be vigilant and look for signs of Blueberry Rust

With the spring growing season upon us, all Tasmanians who have blueberry plants are encouraged to remain vigilant for the signs of blueberry rust.

Beekeepers preparing for pollination keen to put shocker season behind them

Trying to shake the winter hangover? Well, you are not alone — honey bees crave the warmer weather and longer days too.

Delivering deer measures for farmers and hunters

The Hodgman majority Liberal Government is getting on with the job, delivering a range of measures to help farmers and land owners better manage wild deer populations.

Gardeners to face backyard blitz on netting with new laws proposed to protect wildlife

Backyard gardeners could face fines of almost $2,500 if they are not careful when covering their fruit trees with nets.

Introducing Tasmania's newest vineyard area

Welcome to Forcett, Tasmania's newest vineyard area, which is destined to become a big name in the Australian wine scene.

Garlic grower who illegally imported bulbs put rural sector 'at great risk'

A Tasmanian garlic grower could face jail time after illegally importing more than 2,000 garlic bulbils from Canada and the United States that could have contained a devastating plant disease.

Dry-aged beef from 12-year-old cows a tender hit with high-end chefs

When tucking into a juicy eye-fillet steak, you might prefer to avoid considering the age of the animal you're eating.

Bushfire outlook for 2019-20 not good news

The country's top emergency officials have today warned of the dangers of the impending bushfire season, imploring the public to make sure their disaster plans are ready.

Scientists prepare to farm puffy pink seaweed that stops cows burping methane

Researchers want to mass-farm a native Queensland seaweed, which stops cows burping methane, in a bid to help cut the country's greenhouse gas emissions.

Demand for native foods pushes foraging trend to greenhouse cultivation

The trend of chefs foraging for wild bush foods is shifting towards cultivation

How much has Tasmania's climate changed in the 100 years to now?

Just how much has Tasmania's climate changed over the past 100 years?

New definition of lamb

Lamb producers say they are very happy about changes to the way young sheep are classified as 'lambs' or the older and cheaper 'hogget' — they say it simplifies the system and makes everyone's life easier.

Apples ain't always apples when it comes to cider: Heritage varieties boost boutique producers

Cider sales across the nation have dropped by a whopping $22 million over the past two years, but boutique cider makers are fighting against the trend, using historic apple varieties to bring the sexy back into cider.

Farm tourism boom keeps Tasmania's heritage tradies on their toes

The rise of home renovation shows has helped glamorise DIY but take the cameras and personalities away and the situation is quite different — especially when it comes to tackling heritage buildings.

Biosecurity Advisory 13/2019 – Applications for Small Grants under the Weeds Action Fund are now open

The Tasmanian Government Weeds Action Fund (WAF) is a ground-breaking fund with a total budget of $5 million over five years to tackle weeds that are impacting on valuable agricultural and environmental assets.

Biosecurity Advisory 12/2019 – Amendments to Import Requirement (IR)10: Grape Phylloxera – Hosts and Vectors, & IR46: Tomat

On 28 May 2019, Biosecurity Tasmania declared by public notice changes to Import Requirements 10 and 46 of the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania however; those regulatory changes do not come into effect until 27 July 2019. The changes have been brought into regulation to align with similar changes in regulation for these pests by all other States and Territories.

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