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Tasmanian Rural Water Use Strategy is now available

The Tasmanian Government has developed the Rural Water Use Strategy to support the wise use of water.

Tasmanian winemaking facilities go from bust to boom

The demand for Tasmanian winemaking facilities is rising strongly as new plantings increase and more grapes are grown each year.

agriCULTURED - Cultivating Food Conversations

The agriCULTURED event is designed to build on Tasmania's brand strengths: our rich, diverse agricultural landscapes, fresh seasonal product and bivrant food and beverake makers.

Calicivirus has not been released in 2021

As a consequence of the good growing conditions, calicivirus has not been released this year. It is unlikely that any releases will take place in 2021.

Boots on the Ground fund Grumpy Goat Co. Care Farm

The purpose of Care Farms is to provide participants an opportunity to engage with animals to aid and assist in recovery and healing from some mental health, social and physical challenges or conditions.

Tasmanian Women in Agriculture offering two leadership scholarships

TWiA are offering individual scholarships to two Tasmanian women to attend the MORLP intensive five-day workshop aimed at developing personal and leadership skills.

Huge demand for Tasmanian worm farmers

Worm farmers Martin Bratzel and Bodhi McSweeney of Meander in northern Tasmania now know that a pandemic can significantly boost business.

Planting trees on the farm

A list of tips to remember when planting out trees on dairy farms.

General Biosecurity Duty legislation commenced 31 March 2021

The Biosecurity Act 2019​ introduces in Tasmania a new legal obligation known as the General Biosecurity Duty – or GBD.
(15/4/2021) website launched

Farmers, researchers and businesses can now see levy funded research from all the Research and Development Corporations in one location

Natural Disaster Insurance Checkup

Depending on where you live, you may have more risk of loss or damage to your home, business or belongings if a natural disaster comes your way.

Green string beans growing in Tasmania

A team of researchers from the University of Tasmania had a simple goal in mind when they embarked on the study to find out why the humble bean grew so well in cool climate areas like Tasmania.

Droving in spectacular Tassie

The horses nervously and excitedly tap their feet as saddlebags and packs are thrown over their backs right before a ride to drive cattle into Tasmania's central highlands.

Community urged to be vigilant for signs of blueberry rust

Biosecurity Tasmania is currently investigating a detection of blueberry rust (BBR) on a small commercial blueberry farm in the north of the State.

Seasonal Worker Transport Pilot Program

The Tasmanian Government has announced a daily transport service (six days per week) to participating businesses for seasonal workers.

Bushfire Recovery Grants for Primary Producers

If you are an affected primary producer impacted by the December 2019 - January 2020 bushfires in Tasmania, you may be eligible for a range of assistance, including grant funding and financial counselling.

Apprentice and Trainee Grant for Small Businesses

The Apprentice and Trainee Grant for Small Business program is aimed at increasing the number of apprentices and trainees employed in small businesses in Tasmania.

Tasmanian cherries exported on direct flights to Asia

Tasmanian cherry exporters are celebrating after their delicate produce arrived in perfect condition in Japan, following a new direct flight from Hobart to Hong Kong.

Bushfire planning for pets and livestock

With the summer season now upon us comes the increased risk of bushfires and Biosecurity Tasmania urges animal owners to be well prepared.

Get your Community Bushfire Protection Plan

Get your community bushfire protection plan and use it to develop a bushfire survival plan.

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