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Washdown Guidelines for Weeds and Diseases (DPIPWE)
These guidelines establish a standard for washdown and provide a guide to prescribing its application where codes of practice or other environmental management plans are not in place.
Information on water and irrigation resources relating to rural industries in Tasmania.
Water and irrigation tools
Tools to assist farm production, water use efficiency and forward planning.
Water and the Land (Bureau of Meteorology)
A special part of the Bureau of Meteorology's web site dedicated to agriculture and natural resource management.
Water Broking World
Water Broking World is the low cost broker for water rights in Australia. Trading water is less complicated than you might think and customers can trade temporary water online. Transfer costs are built into the price, so it's clear what price is offered to buyers and sellers."
Water development proposals
Water has a central role in Tasmania's economic development, particularly given the importance of primary industries.
Water Footprint
How much water is used to produce your food?
Water for Profit Program
The 'Water for Profit' program will ensure farmers are equipped with the right skills and information to increase profits and sustainability from their investment in irrigation.
Water in Tasmania - who is responsible?
A number of bodies aside from DPIPWE have responsibility for the management and regulation of Tasmania's freshwater resources. Areas managed include water pollution, domestic water supply and the public health issues associated with the provision of drinking water.
Water Information System of Tasmania (WIST)
Includes information on water flow, water quality and natural freshwater values.
Water Licences and Allocation
Access to water resources is controlled through a licensing and allocation system.
Water Management Regions in Tasmania
Tasmania is divided into eight water management regions, with major offices in Hobart, Prospect, Devonport and Smithton. Each region is supported by a Regional Water Management Officer (RWMO) who can provide advice on farm dams and general water-related issues.
Water Monitoring and Assessment in Tasmania
Monitoring programs are providing information to respond to concerns about about the level of chemical usage and of the impacts of chemical pollution on industry, human health and the environment.
Water prices double, makes farmers think twice about profitability of crops
Growers are struggling to keep up with doubling water prices brought on by little rain and high demand.
Water quality and assessment information
There is a range of freshwater information available including stream and river flows data, water quality readings and pesticide monitoring in water catchments.
Water resource management
Information on water management.
Water Resources in Tasmania
Detailed information on Tasmanian river catchments.
Water Restrictions in Tasmania
Water restrictions on rivers and streams are implemented in accordance with a priority of rights under the Water Management Act 1999.
Water Restrictions current for Tasmania
Search for any current restrictions on irrigation in Tasmania.
Waterfind - water trading
Waterfind is Australia’s online water market offering access to a wide range of water markets throughout Australia. Water buyers can use the service to find and bid for the water that is available to their region and Water sellers can use the system to offer their water to an expansive group of potential buyers that ensures a quick and efficient sale.
Weather and climate web fact sheet (Weather_and_Climate_websites_Fact_Sheet.pdf 716 KB)
Weather and climate web fact sheet
Weather Maps and Satellite Images
Choose from a range of maps, satellite and radar images showing rainfall and other weather conditions, uv index, humidity forecast, fire danger index, solar radiation, river conditions, sea levels, coastal wind and swell.
Weather Observations (Agricultural)
Agricultural Observations Bulletin for Tasmania
Weather Observations (Current)
Current observations of Tasmanian weather from many locations throughout the site
Weather & Climate
Tasmanian climate and weather information, including links to the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) for up-to-the-minute weather observations.
Weatherzone provides comprehensive weather forecasts and maps.
Weed Hygiene in Tasmania
Includes information on physical, mechanical, biological, cultural and chemical weed removal methods.
Weed management
Comprehensive information on weeds, their identification and best methods of control.
Weed Publications and Resources for Tasmania
Comprehensive information on weeds, identification and methods of control.
Weeds in Australia
Find information about identifying and managing weeds, and grants available to help control weeds.
Weeds Index for Tasmania
Lists problem weeds in Tasmania and links to control sheets and other information.
Weeds Management (Aust Gov)
Exotic weed threats to primary industries in Australia.
Weeds, Pests & Diseases
Provides information on weeds, pests and diseases of relevance to Tasmanian primary industries.
Weed, Pest and Disease Tools
Tools to assist farm production, protection and forward planning.
Weekly Rainfall Update (Bureau of Meteorology)
Weekly rainfall data and updates from the Bureau of Meteorology.
Welcome to LAMBPLAN
Practical information for terminal and dual purpose sheep producers on the genetic potential of their animals.
Wells and Bores in Tasmania
A licence is not required to take water from a well unless specified by a Water Management Plan or unless the well is situated in an area of land declared as a Groundwater Area by the Minister.
Wetlands and Waterways Works Manual (DPIPWE)
Wetlands conservation is an important part of biodiversity and threatened species conservation.
What causes the spectacular bolts of crawler lightning to flash across the sky?
Tentacles of light flashed across the night sky over the weekend but what causes the spectacular crawler lightning?
What does it take to make a four-week-old kelpie puppy into an effective working dog?
What does it take to train a kelpie from puppy to professional in one year?
What you need to know about droughts: Why they happen and how they are defined
Drought. Most Australians will be familiar with the concept, some very familiar of late.
Wheat Water use efficiency (Wheat_WUE_Tina_Acuna.pdf 125 KB)
Wheat WUE
Whisky and vodka flow as Tasmanian farmers embrace spirit of sustainability
When it comes to farming, change ensures long-term survival.
White wine taste is changing as temperatures in growing areas rise, winemaker says
White wine taste is changing as temperatures in growing areas rise, winemaker says
Wine Basics
Wine Folly is a growing educational resource with over 500 articles about wine.
Wine Industry
Wine producers in Tasmania concentrate on the growing and making of table wines of high quality. Chardonnay and Pinot Noir sparkling wines are produced in a number of areas. Also produced are Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris and Traminer.
Wise Watering Irrigation Management Course
The 'Wise Watering' irrigation management course adapted for Tasmania.
Women and Leadership Australia
Women and Leadership Australia
Women in Agriculture
Provides links to information, support and communication networks for rural women, especially those interested or involved in primary industries.
Women in Business Micro-credit Program
The Women in Business Micro-credit Program helps women who want to start or grow their business
Women in Rural and Regional Industries in Tasmania
A database to provide opportunities for individuals, industry and business to network with rural women around Tasmania, share knowledge, skills and practices and to keep up with developments and trends in their business operations.
Women in Tasmania
Women have an important role to play in shaping social policy. Communities, Sport and Recreation Tasmania works to ensure that women can be engaged in all aspects of society and that Government policies, programs and projects are responsive to the needs of women and representative of their views
Woolwise - Australian Wool Education Trust
This website provides access to resource materials for the sheep industry through the Australian Wool Education Trust.
Work Health and Safety (WHS)
Links to Work Health and Safety (WHS) issues for Tasmanian farm businesses.
Workcover Tasmania
The WorkCover Tasmania Board is established by the Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act 1988 and the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995.
Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Act (1988)
An Act to provide for the rehabilitation and compensation of workers in respect of occupational injuries suffered by workers.
Worksafe Codes of Practice - Tasmania
Codes of practice for agricultural industries in Tasmania.
WorkSafe Tasmania
Worksafe Tasmania covers health and safety information, wellbeing guidance, long service leave advice and statutory holiday dates.
WorkVentures is an Australian not-for-profit social enterprise to engage with individuals and communities to build the capacity to improve lives through new skills, access to technology, community contribution and fulfilling employment.
World record 18.3-kilogram turnip grown by Tasmanian farmer Roger Bignell
Tasmanian farmer Roger Bignell is no stranger to growing extremely large vegetables.
WorldSkills Australia
WorldSkills Australia highlights young Australian's skills excellence through trade competitions.
Worm drench resistance in sheep (May 2012)
Drench resistance advice for small hoders of sheep and goats.
The latest information on sheep worm control.
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