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Pampas information sheet (Pampas_note.pdf 246 KB)
Information on pampas grass
Parks and Wildlife Service
Information on national parks and reserves, world heritage, wildlife, plants and landforms, and the many recreational activities within Tasmania.
Pasture and Forage Pests
Pastures and fodder crop pets.
Pasture management
Information on pasture management in Tasmania. Providing livestock producers with information on pasture production and management.
Pastured eggs the new 'free range' for consumers worried about animal welfare
Concern over animal welfare is driving demand for 'pastured' eggs as an alternative to caged and free range production.
Patient Travel Assistance Scheme (DHHS)
The Patient Travel Assistance Scheme (PTAS) provides financial assistance with travel and/or accommodation costs to Tasmanian residents who need to travel: more than 50 kms (one way) to the nearest oncology or dialysis treatment centre; or more than 75 kms (one way) to the nearest appropriate specialist medical service; or more than 75 kms (one way) to access lymphoedema treatment.
People in Dairy
This site is designed to assist dairy farmers to get the best outcomes from the people in their businesses.
People in dairy (people_in_dairy_advisor.pdf 117 KB)
advisor workshop flyers
Peracto is one of Australia's largest private agricultural research organisations, providing a range of independent research, development and related scientific and technical services to private and corporate clients.
Perennial Horticulture Centre (TIA)
The Perennial Horticulture Centre in the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA) focuses on orchard management, integrated disease management, crop physiology, spray application technology, natural plant extracts and specialty mushrooms.
Permits, Forms & Fees
Provides links to permits, application forms and their associated fees.
Pest and disease outbreaks (Aust Gov)
Access to local, state and national information on responses to outbreaks of animal and plant pests and diseases.
Pest Genie
Pest Genie is a database specialising in information about plant protection and animal health products
Pest Register (2008) (Pest_Register.pdf 168 KB)
Pest Register (2008)
Pesticide Monitoring Program in Tasmania
A program to monitor Tasmanian water catchments for a range of herbicides and other pesticides.
Pests and Diseases Image Library
PaDIL offers high-quality colour diagnostic images and information on pests and diseases.
Pests and pest control online databases
Online databases related to pests and pest control.
Pests in imported grain (April 2014)
In the last fortnight, Tasmanian Seed Services Laboratory has picked up a significant increase in the number of live pests in samples of imported grain submitted by Quarantine Tasmania
Coverage: Database of images in the collections of libraries, museums, galleries, archives, universities and other cultural agencies in Australia and abroad.
Pigeon vaccinations and imports (October 2014)
Recently, Biosecurity Tasmania seized a consignment of unvaccinated pigeons at the Tasmanian border - providing a timely reminder about vaccinating pigeons.
Place Names (Gazetteer of Australia)
Coverage: Australian place names.
Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania
The Plant Biosecurity Manual has been developed to ensure that imported plants and plant products do not pose a threat to Tasmania's primary industries, natural environment, and public health.
Plant diseases & pests
Provides information on plant diseases and identification.
Plant Health Laboratories in Tasmania
Information on plant health testing facilities in Tasmania.
Plant Pests and Diseases (Aust Gov)
The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources manages Australia’s biosecurity system to protect from exotic plant pests.
Plant science online databases
Online databases related to Plant Science.
PLANTPLAN response document updated (February 2014)
PLANTPLAN is the nationally agreed technical plan used to respond to an emergency plant pest incident.
PM's new backpacker changes an immediate relief 'but not a long-term solution'
Changes to Australia's seasonal worker program and backpacker visas have been welcomed by Australia's agricultural industry as something that will provide immediate relief, but the industry will not give up the fight for a dedicated agriculture visa.
Polwarth Sheep Breeders' Association of Australia
Information on breed, history, news and current breeders.
Poolside pastoralism brings mobile and data technology into paddocks and into the future
Sitting on his back verandah with mobile phone in hand, Calum Carruth checks his tank levels to see how much water the cattle and goats have used across his 126,000-hectare property.
Poppy Industry Study (REQUEST_for_QUOTATION.pdf 185 KB)
Quotation documentation for consultants
Post harvest treatment of some fruits with fenthion is no longer permitted (November 2012)
The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) decision means that post harvest treatment of some fruits with the insecticide fenthion is no longer permitted.
Postcode directory
State Libray of Tasmania links to postcode directories for Australia and overseas.
Potato, vegetable and associated industries
Information on these key Tasmanian Industries, plus information on pyrethrum and poppies.
Potential land area suitable for poppy production in Tasmania (Potential_land_for_Poppies.pdf 773 KB)
The TIAR–DPIPWE report – Potential land area suitable for poppy production in Tasmania – suggests a significant additional area of land in the state where sustainable poppy production could be carried out.
Poultry and Pigeons in Tasmania
Some basic tips on protecting birds from diseases carried by wild birds.
Precipitation outlook for Australia
10 day precipitation outlook for Australia and New Zealand.
Precision Agriculture (GRDC)
Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) information on the adoption of precison agriculture in Australian cropping.
Precision Sheep Systems (20100621_Precision_Sheep_flyer.pdf 222 KB)
Information flyer on field day
Prepare a bushfire plan
A written bushfire plan will help you think through actions logically, and give you something to refer to if a bushfire breaks out nearby.
Prices and markets (MLA)
Market information from Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) provides the latest prices, forecasts and analysis for Australian and international red meat markets.
Primary Industries Education Foundation
The Primary Industries Education Foundation is a tripartite not-for-profit company formed through the collaboration of the Australian Government, primary industries organisations and the education sector. The Foundation's vision is to be the preferred provider on credible, relevant and factual information on all matters relating to agriculture, fisheries and forestry for Australia's teachers, students and the community.
Primezone provides teachers with single-point access to a range of primary industries education resources. It is an initiative of the Primary Industries Education Foundation.
Private Land Conservation Program in Tasmania
Programs providing assistance for conservation on private land.
Pro-MED Mail (International Society for Infectious Diseases)
Coverage: Global electronic reporting system for monitoring emerging infectious diseases and toxins, open to all sources.
Proactive Agricultural Safety and Support Inc (PASS)
Proactive Agricultural Safety and Support Inc. (PASS) is a not for profit, grass roots organisation concerned about safety in the rural workplace. PASS aims to eliminate fatalities and reduce injuries in rural workplaces.
Probiotics of the plant world: Why soil microbes are gaining worldwide interest
Interest in soil microbes seems to be skyrocketing, and not just from organic farmers.
Producing Industrial Hemp in Tasmania
Hemp is the fibre that is produced from plants of the cannabis genus. This paper seeks to present an understanding of the legislation governing industrial hemp production in Tasmania.
Production of quality silage
A number of steps in the making of silage can make a big difference to the quality of the end product.
Prohibited and Restricted Agricultural Chemical Products in Tasmania
Restrictions that apply to a number of agricultural chemical products in Tasmania.
Property Management Planning and Land Resource Management
Land is often managed for multiple benefits, such as agricultural production, biodiversity conservation and water quality. To ensure long-term sustainability, land managers need to consider economic, social and environmental factors.
Property Registration for Livestock Identification (PICs)
Application forms for Property Identification Codes (PICs) in Tasmania.
Proposed IR 38 (proposedIR38.pdf 68 KB)
proposed changes to Import Requirement 38
Publications, Forms and Permits (DPIPWE)
DPIPWE forms, permits and publications plus other resources relating to natural resource management conservation.
Coverage: Over 16 million citations from life science journals for biomedical articles back to the 1950s. PubMed includes links to some full text articles and other related resources.
PubMed Central
Coverage: The U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) free digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature.
Pump efficiency calculator (Pump_Efficiency_Calculator_Tool.xls 767 KB)
ARM pump efficiency calculator tool
Purebred turkey bloodlines alive and well on King Island all thanks to a prized gobbler
Have you ever considered the humble turkey as your next backyard pal? Lyndsey Sumpton from the Australian Heritage Turkey Society said the fowls were keen to make friends and were just like having an "ugly parrot".
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