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Office for Women (Aust Gov)
The Australian Government Office for Women (OfW) is a policy advisory unit and a division of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.
Ollie's World educational resource
'Ollie's World' is the umbrella site for the suite of "Ollie" web sites, produced to support the "Ollie" Programs in various countries. 'Ollie's World' contains two sections - one for adults and one for kids. The site's goal is to make Ollie's World a child-friendly, comprehensive resource centre - presenting information on all sorts of issues relating to sustainability principles.
Ombudsman Tasmania
Contact this office for complaints about Tasmanian state or local government administration.
On-farm Pesticide Storage (DPIPWE)
A Guide and Checklist for the storage of agricultural pesticides and specifications to meet most current Quality Assurance requirements.
One million hazelnut trees planted on farm in southern NSW to be used in Nutella and Ferrero Rocher
One million hazelnut trees have been planted on a farm in southern New South Wales. It is hoped the trees will bear 5,000 tonnes of hazelnuts (in shell) by 2020 for use in crowd favourites including Nutella and Ferrero Rocher.
Online Databases
There are a number of free online databases that may be useful to farmers.
Online Livestock
Sell, buy, search and advertise for livestock in Australia.
Organic Farming
Organic farms can be found across Tasmania and are involved in varying enterprises from wine to sheep's cheese. Includes information on converting to organic farming.
Organic tomatoes get a taste of what super investment can grow
In an unassuming paddock near Lake Boga in the Victoria's north west, Australia's first-ever crop of organic processing tomatoes is booming.
Organics - information about certification and contacts in Tasmania
Lists certifying bodies in Tasmania and includes general information on converting to organic farming.
Other emergencies
Includes information on plant and animal disease outbreaks and floods.
Other State Government websites
Links to relevant government websites in other Australian states.
Overview of Organic Farming in Tasmania
Organic farming is farming without the use of synthetic chemicals, artificial fertilisers, pesticides, irradiation or genetically modified organisms.
Ovine Johne's Disease (OJD) in Tasmania
Ovine Johne's Disease (OJD) information for Tasmanian sheep producers.
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