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NAFTA 2.0: What Trump's new US, Mexico and Canada free trade agreement means for Australian farmers
The new US-Mexico-Canada free trade agreement (USMCA) could have ramifications for Australian farmers, a Chicago futures expert says, though to what extent depends on its final terms at ratification.
National Broadband Network
The roll out of the National Broadband Network across Australia.
National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility
The National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility (NCCARF) works to support decision makers throughout Australia as they prepare for and manage the risks of climate change and sea-level rise.
National Drought Policy
National drought policy reform effects in Tasmania.
National Farmers Federation
The National Farmers' Federation (NFF) is the peak industry body representing farmers and agricultural industries across Australia.
National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS)
National Livestock Identification Scheme.
National Primary Industries RD&E Framework
The Australian, State and Northern Territory Governments, rural R&D corporations, CSIRO and universities are jointly developing the National Primary Industries Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) Framework, to encourage greater collaboration and promote continuous improvement in the investment of RD&E resources nationally.
National Rural Health Students' Network
The National Rural Health Students' Network (NRHSN) represents 29 Rural Health Clubs with over 8,000 members located at universities throughout Australia. The NRHSN is a multidisciplinary network representing medical, nursing and allied health students aiming to increase the health workforce and health outcomes for rural and remote Australians.
National Variety Trials
Provides access to independent results on the performance of recently released grain and field crop varieties from trials conducted around Australia.
Native vegetation - Department of Environment and Water Resources (Aust Govt)
Provide information about Australian Government policies and activities, developed and implemented by the Department of the Environment and Water Resources, which encourage and support the sustainable management of Australia's native vegetation.
Natural Resource Management tools
Tools to assist farming environments, biodiversity and forward palnning
Natural Resource Management (NRM)
It is important to manage Tasmania's natural resources in a sustainable manner for the long term, achieving an equitable balance between economic and social development and the need to protect the environment.
Natural Resource Management (NRM) in Tasmania
There are three NRM regional groups in Tasmania, each working with farmers and others to address their natural resource management needs and concerns. This link is to the site for NRM North, which also provides links to Cradle Coast NRM and NRM South.
Natural resources online databases
Online databases related to Natural Resources.
Natural Values Atlas (Tasmania)
The Natural Values Atlas is Tasmania’s comprehensive database for flora and fauna information including threatened species.
Neonicotinoid insecticide causes bees to abandon their young at night: study
Spying on bumblebees as they nest has revealed strange behaviour in those exposed to tiny amounts of a widely used pesticide.
NEPIS (National Environmental Publications Information System)
Coverage: Citations and full text of documents published by the EPA (U.S.A.).
New Animal welfare Regulations July 2013 (New_Animal_Welfare_Regs_Flyer.pdf 206 KB)
New regulations for livestock transport and the keeping of pigs and poultry.
New collaborative approach to rural health and safety
AgriFutures Australia is part of a new partnership to improve our rural industry’s health and safety record and will focus on incorporating innovative research and extension.
New livestock welfare, land transport regulations (June 2013)
All State and Territory governments and the national organisations representing the livestock industries and livestock carriers have agreed to national standards for the land transport of livestock. Regulations bringing those standards into effect in Tasmania come into force on 15 June 2013.
New national requirement for the stamping of eggs (December 2012)
A new national Egg Standard came into effect on 26 November 2012. It includes a requirement that eggs produced for sale must be individually stamped with the producer’s unique identification. The purpose is to enable quick and accurate tracing for either biosecurity or food safety issues.
New regulations for pig welfare in force from 1 July 2013
New welfare regulations relating to pigs came into effect on 1 July 2013.
NFF Farm Facts 2012
National Farmers Federation (NFF) Farm Facts 2012
NLIS Allflex tags
Provides a link to the order forms for Allflex NLIS tags. Return the completed forms to livestock agents, who will then forward them on for processing.
north facing slopes (NFS_field_day_flyer.pdf 172 KB)
NFS 19 sept 2008 flyer
Notice of change Import Requirement 2 - Fruit fly host produce - Disinfestation with Methyl Bromide (March 2018)
Biosecurity Tasmania wish to advise that existing Import Requirement 2 in relation to fruit fly host product entering Tasmania has been modified to ensure risk produce is fumigated at a higher temperature.
Notifiable Animal Diseases in Tasmania
The law relating to notifiable animal diseases is a very important part of Tasmania’s biosecurity system.
NTIS (National Technical Information Service)
Coverage: Information on more than 600,000 information products covering over 350 subject areas from over 200 U.S. Federal agencies.
Nufarm material safety data sheets
Provides material safety data sheets and information on Nufarm products.
Nuffield Scholarships
Through the adoption of local and international best practice and continuous development of a network of industry leaders and innovators, the scholarship scheme promotes excellence in all aspects of Australian agricultural production, distribution and management.
Nursery and Garden Industry Association Australia
Provides a professional network, industry representation and business development initiatives for Australian growers, wholesalers, retailers and allied traders.
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