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Laguna Bay Pastoral Company buys eight Tasmanian dairy farms with overseas investment funds
The head of a Queensland agricultural company which is investing in the Tasmanian dairy industry says he despairs about the lack of finance from Australian investors.
Lamb marking
With lamb marking time around the corner, it is timely to remind sheep owners of the need to ensure that the tail is not docked too short.
Lambing at the right time - the first step to increasing sheep profits
Timing of lambing is critical to optimise stocking rates and lift productivity.
Lambs Alive - 29th August 2018
Macquarie Franklin and Sheep Connect are partnering to deliver one of the very popular Lambs Alive workshops in the 2018 lambing season. There is a great opportunity for the sheep industry to improve both animal welfare and productivity by lifting the survival of lambs and ewes at lambing time.
Land areas capable of poppy production (Maps_poppyland.pdf 4324 KB)
Three maps that show land areas capable of poppy production.
Land Capability Handbook (Land_Cap_handbook.pdf 662 KB)
Tasmanian land cap hamd book
Land Capability (DPIPWE)
The Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) uses the Land Capability Classification System to assess, classify and map land according to its ability to support a range of crops, taking into account factors such as soil type, erosion risk and climate.
Land Drainage in Tasmania
Drainage systems suitable for Tasmanian soil types.
Land Management and Soils in Tasmania
Information on land and soil assessment and management in Tasmania.
Land Resource Assessment (DPIPWE)
Information on the various soil and land resource information surveys undertaken in Tasmania. This information enables informed land use planning decision making and sustainable management of these resources.
Landcare Australia funding
Landcare Australia facilitates funding opportunities for Landcare and Coastcare groups.
Landcare Funding Opportunities (Landcare_Funding.pdf 51 KB)
National, Statewide and Regional Funding Opportunities for Community Groups, Individuals & Primary Industry. Put together by Don Defenderfer State Landcare Coordinator, Tasmania
Landcare photo comp (Landcare_Photo_Competition_Entry_Flyer.pdf 208 KB)
flyer and entry form 2008
Latest restrictions and flood take advice for rivers and streams
Information on the latest restrictions and flood take advice on rivers and streams.
Law and legislation online databases
Online databases related to law and legislation.
Lead toxicity risk for livestock and pets (March 2013)
The A/Director of Public Health has issued a warning about the risk to human health of drinking water stored in stainless steel tanks made by Kingston Sheet Metal between March 2010 and January 2013. The same risk applies to livestock and pets.
LiceBoss is a computerised decision support system that helps woolgrowers estimate the probability of lice infestation, estimate the degree of wool loss and offer suggestions on available chemicals and expected residue levels.
LiceBoss (AWI)
LiceBoss is a computerised decision support system that helps woolgrowers estimate the probability of lice infestation, estimate the degree of wool loss and offer suggestions on available chemicals and expected residue levels.
Lifeline Australia
Lifeline is a not-for-profit organisation offering a number of services at both the national and local level. Lifeline’s 13 11 14 service is staffed by trained volunteer telephone counsellors who are ready to take calls 24-hour a day, any day of the week from anywhere in Australia. These volunteers operate from call centres in every state and territory around Australia.
Lifting Lamb Survival (Lifting_Lamb_Survival_Flyer-Northern_Midlands_TAS_June_2018.pdf 176 KB)
Lifting Lamb Survival Flyer - Northern Midlands TAS June 2018
Little Cherry Disease Virus (Little-Cherry-Virus-Fact-Sheet.pdf 271 KB)
Updated on the Little Cherry Disease Virus - (Februray 2014)
Information about the livestock industries in Tasmania.
Livestock and Meat Australia (ABS - August 2007)
Statistics about slaughtered livestock.
Livestock Identification in Tasmania
Information, regulations and contacts for livestock identification in Tasmania.
Livestock Library
A free to use online database of more than 22,000 livestock resources, including journal articles and conference proceedings spanning more than 50 years. Everything linked to by the Livestock Library is accessible in full text; publishers may charge for access.
Livestock Management
Useful livestock management tools and information.
Livestock online databases
Online databases related to Livestock.
Livestock tools
Tools to assist livestock production, management and forward palnning
Livestock Transport Welfare Standards
National welfare standards for the transport of livestock.
Local Government Association of Tasmania
The association that represents the 29 councils that make up local government in Tasmania.
Long range Town and City Weather Forecasts
Long range weather forecasts for towns and cities
Low stress stock handling (Low_Stress_Stockhandling.pdf 364 KB)
Low-Stress Stock Handling
LPG flyer (LPG_brochure.pdf 3270 KB)
Lucerne Australia
Information on growing lucerne and the industry.
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