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Half-brown, half-white lamb produced from genetic quirk in crossbreeding
When hobby farmer Linda Gleeson saw the unusual colourings of her ewe's new lamb, she simply thought it was "cute".
Hard rain vs soft rain: What differentiates drizzle from a downpour?
It is raining again in the south-east and it is seeping into discussion. So if you would like to intrigue your friends, fascinate your family and enthral your co-workers with the science behind "soft" and "hard" rain, read on.
Harvest Hotline Australia
Provides a register of Australian and international staff to work as fruit pickers, header/cotton picker drivers, farmhands and general harvest help for wheat, cotton, fruit or vegetables
Harvest Jobs - seasonal employment in Australia
Website listing seasonal harvest work opportunities around Australia. Search by state or territory. Farmers looking for seasonal workers can register on the site as an employer and have their job opportunities listed.
Have you been in contact with interstate horses in the last 24 hours? (0M154906_QuarantineBiosecurityGuidelinePosteRrding.pdf 220 KB)
Important information about Equine Influenza.
Heads up for Serrated Tussock
Heads up for Serrated tussock
Health Services
Health information, services and groups for rural Tasmania.
This site provides a wide range of up-to-date and quality assessed information on important health topics such as diabetes, cancer, mental health and asthma.
Healthy and contented sheep (healthy_sheep_2009.pdf 195 KB)
Healthy and contented sheep - 2nd flyer with no logos.
Heightened security measures to reduce the risk of aviation terror acts to impact all Australian exporters
Could a humble packing shed in rural Australia be the chink in the armour for terrorists wanting to blow up a plane?
Help for Tasmanian businesses to invest in renewable energy
The Tasmanian Government has launched a program to help Tasmanian businesses invest in renewable energy.
Herbage Development Program (Tasmania)
The Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture’s Herbage Development Program is focused on delivering persistent, high-yielding and nutritious pasture cultivars, developed and tested in Tasmania.
Herefords Australia
Herefords Australia is the national industry organisation representing the interests of Australian Hereford breeders and is committed to securing the industry's future. Established in 2005, the organisation was formed following the amalgamation of the former Poll Hereford Society and the Australian Hereford Society.
Herefords Australia Youth Group
Provides contacts for the youth section of Herefords Australia.
High oestrogenic clovers wreak havoc on flock fertility
High oestrogenic clovers may be playing havoc in sheep production systems and some producers may not even know it.
High petrol prices may push up the cost of fresh food for consumers
The Master Grocers Association is warning that a rise in petrol and diesel prices could also lead to a rise in the price of fresh foods.
History online databases
Online databases related to History.
Holstein Australia
Useful information on the breed, cattle sales, the association and its projects.
Honey bee biosecurity online training module (June 2013)
There is a free online biosecurity training module for beekeepers.
Horse equipment import guide (horse-equipment-ban-factsheet.doc 505 KB)
Factsheet covering restrictions on importing horse equipment into Tasmania
Horse gear - advice posted at airports and seaport for inbound passengers (gearposter.pdf 37 KB)
Advice posted at airports and seaport for inbound passengers
Horse owners and horse clubs preparing for future emergencies (June 2013)
One of the lessons coming out of the January 2013 bushfires in Tasmania is that horse owners need to be well prepared for a bushfire emergency.
Horse Welfare and Diseases (DPIPWE)
Horse welfare and disease management.
Hort funded Fellowships now open for application
Applications are now open for three Hort Innovation funded Churchill Fellowships that will enable recipients to travel the world for 4 to 8 weeks to access industry related knowledge not readily available in Australia.
Horticulture Australia Ltd
Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) is a national research, development and marketing organisation that works in partnership with the horticulture sector to invest in programs that provide benefit to Australian horticulture industries
How Australians are helping China become the world's biggest wine maker
For Australian winemakers, the Chinese market is booming.
How do I staff my business? (Business Point)
Covers attracting and retaining staff plus human resource issues as your business gets bigger.
How does a gated dam work?
The unprecedented rain event in Townsville caused the north Queensland city's Ross River Dam to reach more than 200% capacity, prompting authorities to open the spillway gates to their full capacity.
How to report a suspected emergency plant pest or disease (July 2013)
A new DPIPWE fact sheet on reporting a suspect case of a plant pest or disease.
Human Health and Disease Online Databases
Online databases related to Human Health and Disease.
Hunters and shooters, we want to know what you think!
The Commonwealth Department of Health has commissioned RMCG to undertake a study on the economic and social benefits of recreational hunting and shooting.
Hydatid Disease in Tasmania (June 2016)
Tasmania has in place restrictions on feeding offal to dogs as part of the state’s ongoing management of hydatids.
Hydro Tasmania
A Tasmanian Government Business Enterprise responsible for the State's hydro-electric scheme plus new renewable energy generation projects in wind farms and mini-hydro.
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