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Farm Budgets and Cost Calculators
Provides a guide to the relative profitability of different enterprises and an indication of the different management practices used.
Farm Business and Trade
Topics including planning, record keeping, income management, taxation, insurances, employment, licences, marketing, exporting, freight, research etc.
Farm business assistance (Aust Govt)
Simple and convenient access to all the Government information, transactions and services for businesses. A whole-of-Government service providing essential information on planning, starting and running your business.
Farm Business Planning Tools
Gross Margin Analysis templates allow comparisons to be made between potential livestock and cropping enterprises. The business overheads can be taken into account using the 'Designing a Successful Business' template and put into a broader context by using the 'Financial Management Property Planning Module'.
Farm Energy and Irrigation Audits
The On-farm Energy and Irrigation Audit Program provides a subsidy to assist farmers engage a qualified professional to review their farm energy use and infrastructure and systems, and to identify savings strategies.
Farm energy efficiency fact sheet (Farm_Energy_Efficiency_Fact_Sheet.pdf 631 KB)
Farm energy efficiency fact sheet
Farm Finance Concessional Loan Scheme (Tasmania)
The Australian Government has provided $15 million per year (over two years from 2013-14) for the provision of concessional loans to eligible farm businesses in Tasmania. This program is managed by the Department of State Growth.
Farm Management
Practical management issues including irrigation, land management, managing weeds, etc.
Farm Management Deposits (FMD)
The Farm Management Deposits (FMD) scheme is a tax-linked, risk-management tool which assists primary producers to deal with variable income.
Farm offset opportunities (Farm_Offset_Opportunities_Fact_Sheet.pdf 1289 KB)
Farm offset opportunities fact sheet
Farm recruitment
Information on recruitment, induction, retention planning, apprentices and trainees etc
Farm Safety Fact Sheets
Fact sheets covering all aspects of farm safety from tractor safety, handling livestock to skin cancer precautions.
Farm Water Management
Best practices to improve farm productivity and water use efficiency.
Farmer Groups and Production Programs
There are a number of grower-focussed and groups in many Tasmanian farming communities across a range of commodities.
Farmers and police build trust to deter rural crime, with many offences going under-reported
Many farmers are not reporting crimes on their properties because they believe the perpetrators will not be caught, a study shows.
Farmers, waste industry in limbo following suspension of NSW rubbish re-use scheme
Farmers and waste operators in New South Wales are calling for the resumption of a scheme that allowed them to use treated household waste to improve soil quality.
Buy, sell or hire farm machinery and equipment including tractors, irrigation and pumps.
Farming Families Australia 2006 (ABS)
Find 2006 agricultural census data and conclusions on Australian farming families.
Farming in Australia - ABS data on the industry (2012)
Data prepared by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) for the Year of the Farmer in 2012.
Farming Safely in Tasmania
A self-help guide to developing a safety management system for rural businesses in Tasmania.
Farming Together: How primary producers are preparing for a challenging future
Innovation, technology and engagement with ethical consumers are the keys to the future of food production, according to the head of a national sustainability program.
FarmPoint Training Manual (FarmPoint_Training_Manual_vers1.pdf 538 KB)
A simple manual outlining the key features of the FarmPoint website.
Fat score of ewes at joining: the benefits of optimal nutrition
Provides information on fat score targets for breeding ewes at joining and how conception rates could improve if these targets are reached.
Fatcow - Australian agricultural directory
An Australian agricultural products and services portal.
Federal Government pushes to stop plant-based products labelled as 'meat' or 'milk'
Plant-based products labelled "meat" or "milk" will have to be rebranded if the Federal Government is successful in lobbying for a change of food standards.
Feed budget tables
Feed budget tables for drought/dry conditions in southern Australia.
Field and Forage Crops
Information on import regulations, varieties, research and development.
Field Days - visit the Calendar of Events
For information on field days visit the Calendar of Events.
Field Fresh Tasmania
Field Fresh Tasmania vegetables are sought by the most discerning markets of Europe, Asia and Australia, sourced from a growing environment with unparalleled natural advantages.
Finance information for farmers and agricultural industries.
Financial assistance
There are a number of programs offering financial assistance to farmers.
Fire ecology
Find out why fire plays such a key role in the ecology of the Tasmanian natural environment.
First meeting of the Tasmanian Cat Management Reference Group (June 2015)
The Reference Group has the task of providing advice to the Minister on ways to achieve better cat management in Tasmania. This includes issues related to domestic and feral cats, roles and responsibilities and identifying the necessary resources (public and private) to achieve effective outcomes.
Flood Data Books in Tasmania
Historical data about floods in Tasmania.
Flood information for Tasmanian farmers
Flood information and timelines.
Floodplain Management in Tasmania
Guidelines is to reduce the effect of flooding and flood liability on individual owners and occupiers of flood-prone property, and to reduce private and public losses resulting from floods.
Floodplain Mapping in Tasmania
Detailed mapping is important in areas prone to flooding.
Useful information about treating flystrike in sheep. Includes longer term management options to reduce the overall risk.
Food Safety
Ensuring food produced in Tasmania's primary production and processing sectors is safe to eat is an important step in ensuring the wellbeing of consumers and protects our reputation as a producer of safe and clean food.
Food Safety in Tasmania
Food safety management systems in Tasmania.
FOODmap - An analysis of Australian food distribution channels
FOODmap: A comparative analysis of Australian food distribution channels examining the different ways food reaches consumers.
Forecast Rainfall (BoM)
These rainfall forecasts are produced from computer models. As they contain no input from weather forecasters, it is important to also check the Bureau's local forecasts and warnings.
Forecasts and Observations
Automated data feeds from the Bureau of Meteorology for Tasmanian weather forecasts and observations
Fox evidence map (Fox_evidence_map.pdf 431 KB)
Fox evidence map
Information on freight options and the Tasmanian Freight Equalisation Scheme.
Freight transport providers (listed on Tasmania Online)
Listing of commercial freight and transport providers on the Tasmania online website.
Frequently asked questions about liver fluke (Virbac_Liverfluke_2008.pdf 128 KB)
Information about the liver fluke parasite (question and answer format).
Fruit Fly Host Produce – Post Harvest Treatment with Fenthion (June 2016)
Biosecurity stakeholders please note that an important change has taken place in the import regulations housed in the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania, as of 23 June 2016.
Fruit fly restrictions lifted in Tasmania but markets yet to recognise status
Tasmania has officially clocked over into fruit fly-free status but Australia's trading partners will not automatically recognise the change
Fruit Growers Tasmania Inc.
Fruit Growers Tasmania Inc is a non-profit industry association representing the Tasmanian industry.
Fruits Farm Gate Guide (FarmGateGuideNov08Final.pdf 3291 KB)
An initiative of Fruit Growers Tasmania (FGT)
Fruit, nuts, floriculture and wine
Information on fruit, floriculture and wine growing in Tasmania.
Fuel Tax Credits - ATO (ATO_Fuel_Tax_Credits.pdf 38 KB)
Information bulletin from ATO regarding claiming fuel tax credits.
Fuel Tax Credits ATO Release (fuel_tax_credits.pdf 48 KB)
Media release by ATO about fuel tax credits and the eligibility of primary producers to claim these.
Funding for Landcare and NRM activities
Opportunities for landholders and organisations to seek funding to undertake NRM and landcare activities.
Funding Programs from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency
Funding Programs from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency
Future Dairy
FutureDairy is a research and extension program to help Australia’s dairy farmers manage the challenges they are likely to face during the next 20 years.
Future Farmers Network
This network is a national not-for-profit organisation that has been set up to encourage and support young people as they pursue and continue careers in agriculture and its related fields.
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