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Recommencement of restricted strawberry fruit trade from Western Australia (15 August 2016)

Biosecurity Tasmania advises that new, temporary import requirements have been imposed on the trade of Western Australian strawberry fruit as a vector of Green Snail (Cornu apertus (Born) (syn. Cantareus apertus (Born), Helix aperta (Born)).  

As a result, strawberries from properties more than two kilometres from a Green Snail infestation in Western Australia can once again be imported into Tasmania in accordance with a series of import conditions, including that properties must be inspected free of the pest by an approved person on a monthly basis.  Strawberry fruit from Western Australian properties within two kilometres of a Green Snail infestation will still not be accepted for the time being.

Biosecurity Tasmania continues to work with its Western Australian counterparts on this matter.

Green snail is classified as a high priority pest and there is a national protocol in place for reducing the risk of its movement outside the confirmed area of establishment for the pest. 

Green snail is native to Southern Europe and North Africa but has been established in the Perth metropolitan area since the 1980s and also has been detected elsewhere in Australia. Mature green snails have an olive-green shell and white flesh. They are intermediate in size and rarely exceed 25mm in shell diameter.  Information to help identify Green Snail is available at the Agriculture Victoria website.  

We ask everyone to please remain vigilant for the presence of any Green Snails when purchasing strawberry punnets from Western Australia and immediately report any snail finds to Biosecurity Tasmania on (03) 6165 3777.  Please do not release the snails into the waste stream or the environment.