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2019 edition of the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania

The 2019 edition of the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania (PBMTas) was published on the Biosecurity Tasmania website on 19 December 2018. The manual will only be published online, and will not be available in hard copy format.


The new edition of the PBMTas includes several changes to important Import Requirements (IR’s). Please note that these changes take legal effect from the date of public release, which is 19 December 2018.


The revised conditions and restrictions in this year’s Manual, include but are not limited to:

  • The introduction of new Import Requirements for Tomato Potato Psyllid (IR46), and Citrus Canker (IR31);
  • Revocation of IR25 - Green Snail- Vector Import Controls;
  • Significant amendments to IR1 – Fruit Fly Host Produce – Area Freedom; IR2 – Fruit Fly Host Produce – Disinfestation with Methyl Bromide; IR4 – Fruit Fly Host Produce – Disinfestation of Mango and Papaya with Heat; IR8A – Fruit Fly Host Produce – Post-harvest Treatment with Dimethoate; and IR38 – Nursery Stock;
  • Extensive update to entries in Table 2 Import Requirement Summary Table;
  • Changes in acceptance status of several Interstate Certification Assurances (ICAs) as recognised by Biosecurity Tasmania (see Section 2.18 of the Manual); and
  • Update of Tasmania’s Regulated Quarantine Pest List A & B Pests and Diseases (Appendix 1.1), and Unwanted Quarantine Pests (& Diseases) (Appendix 1.2), including the declaration of.

In terms of more recent plant biosecurity ‘quarantine pest’ declaration changes, besides a couple of pest name taxonomic updates, key changes have included new declarations of Citrus Canker as a Regulated Quarantine Pest (RQP), removal of Green Snail as a RQP to an Unwanted Quarantine Pest (UQP), and declaration of Cowpea Mild Mottle Virus and Giant Pine Scale as UQP’s.

The annual update of Tasmania’s Regulated Quarantine Pests (RQPs - Section 12 List A and B plant pests) was also published in the Government Gazette on Wednesday 21 November 2018. A copy of this Gazette can be accessed on the Tasmanian Government Gazette website.

As in previous years the updated RQP List is included in the 2018 edition of the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania (PBMTas) in Appendix 1. As a reminder, a Regulated Quarantine Pest (RQP) is a pest which:  

  • poses a significant threat to our primary industries and/or natural environment; and is either not present in Tasmania; or present in the State but is under some form of official control program.