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Lead toxicity risk for livestock and pets (March 2013)

The A/Director of Public Health has issued a warning about the risk to human health of drinking water stored in stainless steel tanks made by Kingston Sheet Metal between March 2010 and January 2013.

The same risk applies to livestock and pets. Animals are just as susceptible as humans to the lead toxicity risks of these water tanks. Anyone using these particular tanks to provide water to animals should stop doing so immediately.

Chronic exposure to high lead levels can lead to clinical signs of lead poisoning in animals. While it is unlikely that this particular circumstance will result in lead toxicity in animals, if you suspect your animals may be clinically affected, you should contact your vet.

If you are concerned about lead residues in products from animals whose water has mainly come from these tanks, please contact the Chemicals Coordinator on (03) 6336 5462 for advice.