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Securely Fenced House Yards - Safe Play Areas on Farms TV Campaign

The Securely Fenced House Yards - Safe Play Areas on Farms TV Campaign is being conducted by the Australian Centre for Agricultural Health and Safety (ACAHS, University of Sydney) and is funded by the Australian Government. The Project has been guided by a reference group involving the RLSSA, Kidsafe, Kids Alive and Farmsafe Australia.

Farm dams are high risk drowning location for toddlers on farms. The Safe Play Areas on Farms TV Campaign, will promote securely fenced house yards or safe play areas on farms and rural properties. Safe play areas are a key ‘under fives' and ‘rural' drowning prevention solution endorsed by RLSSA, Kidsafe and the Australian Water Safety Strategy. Safe play areas on farms are also a key injury prevention solution for other forms of child injury, such as vehicle and machinery runover.

The ‘face' of the television advertising campaign, will be Felicity Urquhart, 2010 female country music artist of the year. Key messages promoted through the commercial are:

  • Young children need close and active supervision - but supervision is not perfect
  • It only takes a few seconds for a young child to drown
  • A securely fenced house yard or safe play area can help prevent a toddler wandering off into a farm dam or waterway (or other farm hazards)
  • Go to the Farmsafe website for more information about safe play areas on farms.

The campaign will screen Australia-wide and can be seen on Southern Cross in Tasmania from 14 November 2010.

Safe Play Area resources are available for farm families from the Farmsafe website (or on request).