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Sick of foam packaging for your vegies? A national solution is still years away

A council from regional NSW is blaming excess packaging as the reason why it cannot reach its zero waste-to-landfill target.

The Coffs Harbour director of sustainable infrastructure, Mick Raby, said that goal was currently impossible.

"There are two things [we need] to reach this target," he said.

"One is slightly better use of our three-bin system. At the moment people are pretty good at putting the right thing in the right bin, but when they put the wrong thing in the wrong bin, it's very hard for us.

"The primary change has to be a system of national legislation that forces people not to make stuff that can't be recycled."

"Really simple example, I went to my local supermarket on the weekend to buy a zucchini. I couldn't buy one zucchini, I could only buy five."


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(ABC NEWS: 24/10/18)