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“Beef Only” status and agisting dairy cattle (December 2012)

DPIPWE have received reports of beef producers in the North West taking adult dairy cattle on agistment, yet still claiming to be "Beef Only" on their Cattle Health Statement when they sell livestock.

Please remember that the Cattle Health Statement is a legal document and the producer signing it is declaring that the information on the Statement is correct.

If you have agisted adult dairy cattle in the last twelve months, or agisted any dairy cattle (or first generation dairy-cross cattle) in the last five years, you will not be able to claim "Beef Only" status unless those dairy cattle were part of an accredited herd.

Buyers, and the beef industry generally, need to be confident that cattle that are offered for sale as "Beef Only" are indeed what they are claimed to be.

If you are intending to claim "Beef Only" status on a Cattle Health Statement, please check the back of the form to ensure you understand what that actually means and that you meet all four of the criteria. A mistake could be costly - both for the person claiming "Beef Only" status incorrectly and for the buyer who is relying on that information being correct to manage the risk of introducing BJD onto their property.

If you have any questions about "Beef Only" status and the four criteria that must all be met to qualify, please contact Bruce Jackson at DPIPWE on 1300 368 550, or email - Bruce.Jackson@dpipwe.tas.gov.au, or contact Kim Haywood at the TFGA on (03) 6332 1800, or email - kim.haywood@tfga.com.au