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Update of Regulated Quarantine Pest List (December 2013)

The annual update of Tasmania's Regulated Quarantine Pests (RQPs - Section 12 List A & B plant pests) has been published in the Government Gazette, with immediate effect.

The updated list is included in the 2014 edition of the Plant Quarantine Manual Tasmania to be published on the DPIPWE website on 18 December.

This year's edition will also, for the first time, include a list of "Unwanted Quarantine Pests" or UQPs. UQPs are part of the new pest categorisation system now established in Tasmania. A Regulated Quarantine Pest (RQP) is a pest which: -

•  poses a significant threat to the primary industries and/or natural environment; and
•  is either not present in Tasmania; or present in the State but is under some kind of official control program.

An Unwanted Quarantine Pest is one that can also be a significant pest, but for one or more reasons is assessed as likely to not have as major an impact on Tasmania's primary industries or natural environment at this time, if it were to arrive.

Quarantine Tasmania may take regulatory action if a UQP is detected at the quarantine barrier. However, the purpose of this pest category is to reward those importers of plants and plant material into Tasmania that do the right thing by using good quality assurance programs. Listing a pest as a UQP means that it does not need to be brought into formal regulatory control via formal import requirement.

Regulated Quarantine Pests have specific regulatory programs and are the main focus of Tasmania's biosecurity activities. The purpose of the new categorization system is to ensure that DPIPWe's and industry's biosecurity efforts are targeted at the greatest biosecurity threats to Tasmania.