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Climate change - Tasmanian resources

The Tasmanian Climate Change Office website has information on some activities currently being undertaken within the State.  The office oversee the reduction of the Government's greenhouse gas emissions, the climate change strategy for the State, as well as support the new Tasmanian Climate Action Council.

A climate change Partnerships Program enables the Government to work more closely with organisations such as the University of Tasmania and with Local Government to ensure that the State is prepared for the challenge of climate change.

A database is available http://www.climatechange.tas.gov.au/local_contacts/browse on this site.  The database allows users to find contact details for Tasmanians involved in the climate change sphere, helping to avoid duplication and to increase the effectiveness of climate change projects in government, research and community.

Adapting to Climate Change

Tasmania's climate is projected to change in the future. These changes will result from greenhouse gas emissions that have already been emitted into the atmosphere and will continue to be emitted in coming years.  In the future, Tasmanians will need to adapt to these changes; taking advantage of new opportunities and reducing vulnerability to detrimental climate change impacts. The Climate Change website provides information on what the State Government is doing, as well as links and tools to assist farmers. 

A series of information sheets have been developed for farmers. These sheets focus on opportunities and risks associated with climate change across a range of Tasmanian agricultural enterprises and are available on the DPIPWE website.