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Vegetable pest identification app (August 2017)

The Veg Pest ID app provides a valuable tool to assist farms and agricultural professionals identify pests on Australian vegetable crops. Even tricky pests, diseases, and disorders can be found with a few taps or keyword searches. It has been funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia and Horticulture Australia Pty Ltd, using the vegetable R&D levy and government contributions.

The app brings together a database of pictures and information on pests, diseases and disorders affecting Australian vegetable crops. It makes information available in the field, where it is needed.  It features - 


  • Fast keyword searching to find the pest you’re looking for in an instant. 
  • High quality photos for each pest that can be viewed in fullscreen and zoomed in.
  • Multi-directional searching that allows you to start looking by either the crop the pest is affecting or the type of pest it is.
  • Categorise pests and view them all together, or narrow down the search to an insect, disease or disorder on a specific crop.
  • Detailed information is given on each pest to help identify different lifestages, understand what conditions make damage more likely and take initial steps towards control. 
  • Completely usable offline.
  • App content updates automatically in the background when new content is available and WiFi is connected, so no need to download updates all the time.

The app is available for free download from either Apple or Android