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Improvements to the Tasmanian Biosecurity Advisory Network (October 2014)

Earlier this year, Biosecurity Tasmania was formed to better support a whole-of-government approach to biosecurity in Tasmania.

This brought expertise and resources from the Biosecurity and Product Integrity Division (BPID), and the Invasive Species Branch (ISB) together into a single government unit with expanded biosecurity responsibilities covering primary industries and the environment.

Prior to Biosecurity Tasmania's formation, separate mailing lists were maintained by BPID and ISB to keep their stakeholders and other interested parties up-to-date with important information and program progress. These mailing lists have now been merged within the Biosecurity Advisory Network to improve the service to all clients with an interest or stake in biosecurity in Tasmania. The following information outlines the changes that have been made.

Biosecurity Advisory Network clients

Can now elect to receive information related to two new categories - Invasive Species and Policy and Legislation. This is in addition to the categories already subscribed.  

Invasive Species eMailing List clients

Have now been added to the Biosecurity Advisory Network and have been subscribed to receive updates related to Invasive Species ONLY. All future invasive species updates will now come from Biosecurity Tasmania via the Biosecurity Advisory Network.

New categories

The Policy and Legislation category will update information about biosecurity legislation and policy in Tasmania, including proposals to amend or review legislation, and invitations to provide public comment in such processes.

For questions about these changes, please email - advisory@biosecurity.tas.gov.au