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Prepare a bushfire plan

If you live in an area at risk from bushfires, you should make a plan describing what you are going to do to prepare for a bushfire, and what you are going to do if a bushfire approaches. A written plan will help you think through the actions logically, and give you something to refer to when a bushfire breaks out nearby.

Your safe options include:

• Preparing your home by creating a defendable space around it, then staying to protect your home. If you and your home are well-prepared, this is the best option for saving your home, because when large bushfires are burning, there are often too few fire-fighting crews to protect every home. If you have prepared properly and are moderately fit and healthy, it should be safe to stay.

• Preparing your home by creating a defendable space around it, then leaving home well before the bushfire arrives. This is the best option if you are not comfortable about being home during a bushfire. However, your home may not survive unless fire-fighting crews are able to defend it against the sparks and embers that will continue to fall on it for many hours after the fire has passed.

• Taking no action to prepare your home, and leaving well before the bushfire arrives. If your home is closely surrounded by flammable vegetation, and even if fire-fighting crews are available to help protect it, there is a high probability that it will burn down if threatened by an intense bushfire. Fire-fighting crews will concentrate on saving houses that can be protected with minimum resources and without putting fire-fighters' lives at risk. If your unprepared home is threatened, fire-fighters may choose not to defend it.

For more information visit the Tasmanian Fire Service website.