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Updated import conditions for WA strawberry fruit trade (7 October 2016)

Biosecurity Tasmania advises that updated import conditions have been imposed on the trade of Western Australian strawberry fruit as a vector of Green Snail (Cornu apertus (Born) (syn. Cantareus apertus (Born), Helix aperta (Born)).  

The new conditions facilitates trade of strawberry fruit from all properties free of Green Snail and recognises property-level accreditations and GSL codes as specified. Properties within two kilometres of a known Green Snail infestation must have been inspected and found free of Green Snail within a month of any strawberry fruit consigned to Tasmania. Inspection of properties is not required between December and March when the snails retreat underground.

Strawberry fruit from Western Australian properties found infested with Green Snail will still not be accepted.

Import conditions on other hosts and vectors of Green Snail from WA continue to apply pursuant to Import Requirement 25 of the Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania (Ed. 2016).  GSL codes cannot be used for certification purposes under this Import Requirement.

For any further enquiries, please contact Biosecurity Tasmania directly on (03) 6165 3777.

We ask everyone to please remain vigilant for the presence of any Green Snails when purchasing strawberry punnets from Western Australia and immediately report any snail finds to Biosecurity Tasmania.

Please do not release the snails into the waste stream or the environment.