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Hydatid Disease in Tasmania (June 2016)

Tasmania has in place restrictions on feeding offal to dogs as part of the state's ongoing management of hydatid disease.

In line with current World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) requirements, the Chief Veterinary Officer has issued an order allowing hard freezing as a suitable treatment of offal that is to be fed to dogs, or sold as dog food.

Fresh offal (i.e. offal which is neither frozen nor cooked) will remain prohibited for either sale as dog food, or for feeding to dogs in Tasmania. Fresh offal has always been available for sale as pet food for non-canines (e.g. cats) and for human consumption. This will continue to be the case.

Tasmania's hydatids-free status is not at risk by allowing the sale of frozen offal as dog food; nor is there an increased risk of hydatids in humans or animals as a result of this decision.