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Accreditation Scheme for freedom from Caprine retrovirus (November 2012)

Caprine retrovirus (CRV), formerly known as caprine arthritis encephalitis (CAE) or "big knee", is a serious disease of goats.

Interstate and local buyers are increasingly wanting evidence from producers that their goats are free of CRV. Tasmania has a CRV-free accreditation scheme to enable producers to provide that evidence. Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) vet Bruce Jackson is the State Co-ordinator of the CRV scheme.

If you are a goat producer, this scheme may be of benefit to you. If you are contemplating buying or agisting goats, it is in your interest to source goats only from those producers that have CRV-free accreditation.

For more information on the CRV-free accreditation scheme, please contact Bruce Jackson at DPIPWE on (03) 6336 5306, or by email on - Bruce.Jackson@dpipwe.tas.gov.au