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Heightened security measures to reduce the risk of aviation terror acts to impact all Australian exporters

Could a humble packing shed in rural Australia be the chink in the armour for terrorists wanting to blow up a plane?

While it has not happened before, that is the scenario that changes to air freight security, rolled out on 1 March 2019, are designed to stop.

The Department of Home Affairs has heightened the security screening requirements  for all export air cargo, including food products like rock lobster and stone fruit, to ensure no potentially dangerous items make their way into flights leaving Australia.

All air freight will need to be screened piece by piece unless the sender is registered as a 'known consignor'.

In a letter to exporters, the department said the changes could cause delays and increase costs.

The vast majority of air freight will be scanned at a piece-level at either Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or Perth airports.

Director of the Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA), Paul Zalai, said he expected bottlenecks at the four airports.


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