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Agricultural industry turns to virtual reality to boost big business and attract new blood

A growing number of large agribusinesses are using virtual reality as a practical tool to do everything from training staff to selling stock.

Virtual reality (VR) is a three-dimensional environment generated by computers or cameras, which people can explore using special headsets or mobile devices.

Once the stuff of games, the technology has now proved appealing to some of Australia's biggest agriculturalists.

Major farm equipment supplier Case IH is now looking at using the immersive technology.

"Training is where we want to take it," company representative Scott Jericho said.

"With trainers in the US and Europe and everywhere else, we can interact with them on a live basis and look at product, whether it be whole goods training, parts training or service training."

Case IH Australia is working with founder of Farm VR Tim Gentle, who specialises in producing 3D videos for the agriculture industry.


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ABC Landline  (2 March 2019)