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Graziers in far-west NSW digging deeper into debt, and dams, to get out of drought

Graziers in far-west New South Wales are using government loans to prepare their properties for the arrival of rain.

It may seem counterintuitive to focus on water storage in the middle of a drought, but that is exactly what Richard Wilson, from Yalda Downs station, is doing.

As he quite sensibly explains, "the only time you can clean a dam is when there's no water in it".

The Wilsons have taken advantage of the State Government's low-interest Farm Innovation Fund loan to improve their property's water efficiency so when it does rain, their land will stay greener for longer.

Having completely destocked, they have decided to forfeit short-term profits from selling wool and mutton to make a long-term investment.

"To de-silt a dam like this has taken eight days and cost roughly $25,000. It's a big investment, but long-term it's a very sound investment," Mr Wilson said.


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(ABC NEWS: 21/10/18)