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Fruit and vegetable prices 'could double' in a decade as power and energy costs grow
Australians are being warned that the price of fresh fruit and vegetables could double within a decade, as farmers face increasing pressure from rising labour, electricity costs and weather extremes.
Published: 08/04/2019
Wind farm on Tasmanian beef property to send renewable energy to national grid
The rugged west coast of Tasmania is an ideal place to raise cattle — if you can handle the wind.
Published: 08/04/2019
Could a commercial rice crop be grown in Tasmania?
Rice is one of the most widely grown crops in the world and is a staple diet for billions of people, especially across Asia.
Published: 04/04/2019
Wattle seed growers struggle to keep up with rising demand for nutrient-rich native bushfood
Wattle seed has been a mainstay in the diet of Indigenous Australians for thousands of years, but the native edible seed has become so popular in recent years that commercial growers can't keep up with demand.
Published: 01/04/2019
Demand for hemp seed drives new crop of growers in Tasmania keen to ride the high
Australia's booming market for hemp seed in breads, cereals, protein powders and protein bars is spurring on a new wave of growers in Tasmania cashing in on the fast-growing crop.
Published: 01/04/2019
Tamar Action Grants Information Sessions
The $10M Tamar Action Grants can help interested and eligible farmers keep stock out of waterways in a bid to improve water quality.
Published: 29/03/2019
War on waste debate tackles fruit and vegetable wrapping benefits over more food waste
With pressure growing on retailers to unwrap the plastics on fresh fruit and vegetables, there is a new debate about what is the greater evil — plastic or food waste?
Published: 27/03/2019
Tasmania poised to declare victory in war against carp
A 25-year battle to eradicate European carp from Tasmanian lakes is coming to an end, with less than 20 of the pest fish remaining.
Published: 22/03/2019
Poolside pastoralism brings mobile and data technology into paddocks and into the future
Sitting on his back verandah with mobile phone in hand, Calum Carruth checks his tank levels to see how much water the cattle and goats have used across his 126,000-hectare property.
Published: 15/03/2019
Speed breeding of crops by Queensland researchers in bid to battle global hunger
Queensland researchers are speeding up the life cycle of crops to develop new varieties for Australian farmers in a bid to minimise the impacts of drought and climate change.
Published: 15/03/2019
White wine taste is changing as temperatures in growing areas rise, winemaker says
White wine taste is changing as temperatures in growing areas rise, winemaker says
Published: 15/03/2019
Drought, heat and floods blamed for limited fresh produce supply on supermarket shelves
Supermarkets are having to rethink what fruit and vegetables they put on the shelves as growers in eastern states are hit by a range of natural disasters.
Published: 15/03/2019
Small Farm Planning Program - NRM South
Farm Planning Program - NRM South
Published: 08/03/2019
Hunters and shooters, we want to know what you think!
The Commonwealth Department of Health has commissioned RMCG to undertake a study on the economic and social benefits of recreational hunting and shooting.
Published: 07/03/2019
Heightened security measures to reduce the risk of aviation terror acts to impact all Australian exporters
Could a humble packing shed in rural Australia be the chink in the armour for terrorists wanting to blow up a plane?
Published: 07/03/2019
Agricultural industry turns to virtual reality to boost big business and attract new blood
A growing number of large agribusinesses are using virtual reality as a practical tool to do everything from training staff to selling stock.
Published: 04/03/2019
Tea farmers reveal the key to a perfect brew — and how they grow their award-winning product
If you have ever had a bad experience with bitter green tea, the blame may lie in the way it has been brewed.
Published: 04/03/2019
The future of farming in the era of climate change
Seemingly relentless climate-related headlines paint a picture of an agricultural industry under siege.
Published: 04/03/2019
Funding Programs from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency
Funding Programs from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency
Published: 01/03/2019
A rich harvest of agriculture, innovation and technology at day one of evokeAG.
The best and brightest in the agricultural field planted seeds of inspiration to a sold-out crowd in Melbourne today.
Published: 20/02/2019
Hort funded Fellowships now open for application
Applications are now open for three Hort Innovation funded Churchill Fellowships that will enable recipients to travel the world for 4 to 8 weeks to access industry related knowledge not readily available in Australia.
Published: 20/02/2019
Australia's biggest cargo ship officially named in Tasmania, but exporters warn more capacity is needed in future
Tasmanian primary producers have urged the State Government not to be complacent about increasing the state's freight export capacity, following the official naming of the largest Australian-flagged cargo vessel in Burnie yesterday.
Published: 20/02/2019
ABARES crop report confirms tale of two seasons with eastern pain, western gain
The latest data from the Australian Government's commodity forecaster shows that drought smashed winter crop production in 2018 and is continuing to wreak havoc with the summer crop.
Published: 19/02/2019
China suspends wool trade from South Africa due to foot-and-mouth disease outbreak
Australian woolgrowers are set to benefit from the suspension of wool exports from South Africa to China due to an outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD).
Published: 19/02/2019
Tinder for cows is online dating for cattle breeders to find their stock's perfect match
It is not just humans seeking love on Valentine's Day; a new matchmaking app is bringing cows together.
Published: 14/02/2019
Bushfires devastate Tasmanian leatherwood honey production, prices set to rise
The price of Tasmanian honey is expected to soar this year after dry conditions and fires across the state have conspired to deliver the industry's worst season in 35 years.
Published: 11/02/2019
Transport subsidies available to assist primary producers affected by Tasmanian bushfires 2018/19
This fire season is a testing time for all Tasmanians, and the Tasmanian Government is working to provide practical help to those families and businesses directly affected by fires.
Published: 11/02/2019
What does it take to make a four-week-old kelpie puppy into an effective working dog?
What does it take to train a kelpie from puppy to professional in one year?
Published: 08/02/2019
How does a gated dam work?
The unprecedented rain event in Townsville caused the north Queensland city's Ross River Dam to reach more than 200% capacity, prompting authorities to open the spillway gates to their full capacity.
Published: 08/02/2019
Ag Innovation
Global trends indicate significant population growth, rising incomes in emerging economies and increasingly informed and choosy customers.
Published: 30/01/2019
New collaborative approach to rural health and safety
AgriFutures Australia is part of a new partnership to improve our rural industry’s health and safety record and will focus on incorporating innovative research and extension.
Published: 30/01/2019
Detachable work shirt sleeves claims the ‘Winning Pitch’ title at the Brilliant Business Kids Festival
Students, teachers and parents from across Australia united at The University of Sydney Business School for a national pitch competition – all with a focus on ideas which addressed agricultural issues.
Published: 30/01/2019
International demand for Australia's fine wine continues to grow
The world can barely get enough of Australian wine with 94 million cases of Aussie wine sold around the world last year.
Published: 24/01/2019
Almond growers prepare for record harvest but more bees needed to keep industry buzzing
Australia's almond growers are set for a record crop this season but as the industry keeps growing, more pollination services are needed to sustain the rapid production increase.
Published: 21/01/2019
Dairy farmers welcome draft mandatory dairy code of conduct released this week
Farmers are embracing plans for a mandatory code of conduct for the dairy industry, while also highlighting fundamental problems facing the sector they say are being ignored.
Published: 18/01/2019
Robots may take on shearing as Australia's resurgent wool industry deals with a labour shortage
Robots shearing sheep. The idea is enough to have 19th-century bush poet Henry Lawson turn in his grave, but Australia's resurgent $3 billion wool industry is working to make it a reality.
Published: 18/01/2019
Grain harvest on east coast eclipsed by Victorian town of Nhill as it bucks the trend caused by drought
The western Victorian town of Nhill has supplied more grain to one of the country's largest handlers than all of Queensland combined.
Published: 18/01/2019
Your best rural and outback photos from 2018
A selection of photos sent in to the ABC.
Published: 24/12/2018
Half-brown, half-white lamb produced from genetic quirk in crossbreeding
When hobby farmer Linda Gleeson saw the unusual colourings of her ewe's new lamb, she simply thought it was "cute".
Published: 21/12/2018
Egg farmers face tough times as drought leads to spike in production costs
Egg farmers are being hit hard as feed grain prices nearly doubled in the last six months due to the widespread drought, slashing producers farmgate returns by more than 20 per cent.
Published: 21/12/2018
Small Farms Small Grants round 2 Now Open
Grants valued between $5,000 and $200,000 are offered to organisations and individuals
Published: 21/12/2018
Rain, hail and humidity destroy cherry crops just a week from Christmas
Cherry regions across Australia have been hit with heavy rain, hail and humidity, ruining large amounts of fruit just a week out from Christmas.
Published: 21/12/2018
State of the Climate 2018
The Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO play an important role in monitoring, analysing and communicating observed changes in Australia's climate.
Published: 20/12/2018
Single male Queensland fruit fly detected on Flinders Island during ongoing surveillance
A single adult male Queensland fruit fly has been detected on Flinders Island during the ongoing surveillance program undertaken by Biosecurity Tasmania. The detection does not affect northern Tasmania. The target date for reinstatement for the Northern Tasmanian Control Area remains 9 January 2019, subject to not detecting any fruit fly in this area.
Published: 19/12/2018
A buzzy year for honey bee and pollination research
The AgriFutures™ Honey Bee &amp;amp;amp;amp;amp;amp; Pollination Program continues to support leading research that ensures a productive and sustainable Australian beekeeping industry, and secures the pollination of our agricultural sector.
Published: 17/12/2018
Citizen scientists called on to map extent of drought killing native trees
While rain has arrived in some drought-affected areas, it has been too late for many native trees.
Published: 17/12/2018
Drought-affected Australian regions welcome first Vietnamese molasses shipment to sustain livestock
Drought-affected graziers desperate to feed their livestock have taken the unprecedented step of importing molasses all the way from Vietnam.
Published: 08/12/2018
What you need to know about droughts: Why they happen and how they are defined
Drought. Most Australians will be familiar with the concept, some very familiar of late.
Published: 07/12/2018
After a record dry, 2018 may be the year of the Indian Ocean Dipole
The droughts of past decades have burnt the term El Nino into the Australian vocabulary, but after the drought of 2018, perhaps the IOD — short for Indian Ocean Dipole — might also become a household name.
Published: 07/12/2018
Australian wine sales to China are booming but we may be drinking Chinese wine before too long
The wine industry in China is growing rapidly built on the back of massive state run developments and expertise borrowed from some of the best wine makers from around the world.
Published: 05/12/2018
Farmers, waste industry in limbo following suspension of NSW rubbish re-use scheme
Farmers and waste operators in New South Wales are calling for the resumption of a scheme that allowed them to use treated household waste to improve soil quality.
Published: 05/12/2018
Farmers and police build trust to deter rural crime, with many offences going under-reported
Many farmers are not reporting crimes on their properties because they believe the perpetrators will not be caught, a study shows.
Published: 05/12/2018
African Swine Fever spreading across China: What does it mean for Australia?
Authorities in Australia have been told that since August, around 500,000 pigs have been culled in China, and perhaps even more have died directly from the ongoing spread of African Swine Fever.
Published: 05/12/2018
South Australia's emerging hemp industry forecast to be worth millions
South Australia's fledgling hemp industry could be worth $3 million annually within five years, government data shows.
Published: 05/12/2018
Purebred turkey bloodlines alive and well on King Island all thanks to a prized gobbler
Have you ever considered the humble turkey as your next backyard pal? Lyndsey Sumpton from the Australian Heritage Turkey Society said the fowls were keen to make friends and were just like having an "ugly parrot".
Published: 16/11/2018
Farming Together: How primary producers are preparing for a challenging future
Innovation, technology and engagement with ethical consumers are the keys to the future of food production, according to the head of a national sustainability program.
Published: 16/11/2018
Neonicotinoid insecticide causes bees to abandon their young at night: study
Spying on bumblebees as they nest has revealed strange behaviour in those exposed to tiny amounts of a widely used pesticide.
Published: 15/11/2018
Pastured eggs the new 'free range' for consumers worried about animal welfare
Concern over animal welfare is driving demand for 'pastured' eggs as an alternative to caged and free range production.
Published: 14/11/2018
Buy a Bale proceeds for drought-affected farmers flow to first South Australian producers
For farmer Karl Zerner, the phone call from the Buy a Bale drought appeal was a lot to take in.
Published: 14/11/2018
PM's new backpacker changes an immediate relief 'but not a long-term solution'
Changes to Australia's seasonal worker program and backpacker visas have been welcomed by Australia's agricultural industry as something that will provide immediate relief, but the industry will not give up the fight for a dedicated agriculture visa.
Published: 13/11/2018
Hard rain vs soft rain: What differentiates drizzle from a downpour?
It is raining again in the south-east and it is seeping into discussion. So if you would like to intrigue your friends, fascinate your family and enthral your co-workers with the science behind "soft" and "hard" rain, read on.
Published: 12/11/2018
High oestrogenic clovers wreak havoc on flock fertility
High oestrogenic clovers may be playing havoc in sheep production systems and some producers may not even know it.
Published: 12/11/2018
Water prices double, makes farmers think twice about profitability of crops
Growers are struggling to keep up with doubling water prices brought on by little rain and high demand.
Published: 12/11/2018
Medicinal cannabis farm begins production vowing a duty of care to Australian patients
Months behind schedule, Queensland's first licensed medicinal cannabis farm has started growing plants with the aim of manufacturing a series of "affordable" medicines from early next year.
Published: 12/11/2018
Probiotics of the plant world: Why soil microbes are gaining worldwide interest
Interest in soil microbes seems to be skyrocketing, and not just from organic farmers.
Published: 12/11/2018
Grain imports on the cards as drought drives up prices and crop forecasts slashed
Australia could be set to import whole grain for the first time in more than a decade as drought drives up prices.
Published: 12/11/2018
'Man in the mirror' wool chair Wal Merriman resigns, claims AWI responsible for price boom
Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) chairman Wal Merriman has resigned.
Published: 12/11/2018
Drought and ageing populations dwindle rural fire brigades ahead of bushfire season
Rural New South Wales communities are struggling to attract volunteer firefighters ahead of what is expected to be a serious fire season.
Published: 28/10/2018
Strawberry needle scare: History shows growers may bounce back stronger than ever
In the aftermath of the needle tampering saga that gripped Australia, life and work for strawberry growers is slowly returning to normal.
Published: 28/10/2018
Graziers in far-west NSW digging deeper into debt, and dams, to get out of drought
Graziers in far-west New South Wales are using government loans to prepare their properties for the arrival of rain.
Published: 27/10/2018
China's expanding middle class targeted by Australian quality food exporters
Whether it be wine, beef or grain, China's rapidly growing middle class is developing a taste for quality Australian produce.
Published: 26/10/2018
High petrol prices may push up the cost of fresh food for consumers
The Master Grocers Association is warning that a rise in petrol and diesel prices could also lead to a rise in the price of fresh foods.
Published: 26/10/2018
BOM outlook: Low chance of drought recovery for eastern Australia in coming months
Despite heavy rain lashing parts of the country in recent weeks the big dry is far from over — and according to the Bureau of Meteorology, the hard times are set to continue.
Published: 26/10/2018
Stock culled as drought drives grain, hay prices to 'scary' highs amid record demand
Farmers are culling animals and failing to cover the cost of production as grain prices skyrocket due to drought.
Published: 26/10/2018
Chicken nuggets lab-grown from feathers to go on sale by end of year, company says
Imagine if instead of raising a whole chicken for slaughter, it was possible to pop a feather in a machine, and grow a chicken nugget.
Published: 26/10/2018
Sick of foam packaging for your vegies? A national solution is still years away
A council from regional NSW is blaming excess packaging as the reason why it cannot reach its zero waste-to-landfill target.
Published: 26/10/2018
'Renewables capital of Australia'? Port Augusta shows off its green energy credentials
Driving towards Port Augusta, a luminous white light appears on a concrete shaft to the side of the highway. The giant light is a receiver; it sits among a sea of mirrors which beam the sun onto it, producing intense heat that creates steam, turns a turbine, and makes electricity. It's known as concentrating solar thermal, a new breed of energy.
Published: 23/10/2018
How Australians are helping China become the world's biggest wine maker
For Australian winemakers, the Chinese market is booming.
Published: 22/10/2018
Country Women's Association in NSW is attracting a new generation of recruits
While unions and service clubs are battling falling membership numbers, there's one group that's bucking the trend.
Published: 21/10/2018
Dairy farmers' relocation to lush Tasmania from dry Victoria a success for three young families
A southern migration from Victoria to Tasmania has proven a sound choice, helping a trio of dairy farmers flourish.
Published: 21/10/2018
World record 18.3-kilogram turnip grown by Tasmanian farmer Roger Bignell
Tasmanian farmer Roger Bignell is no stranger to growing extremely large vegetables.
Published: 20/10/2018
NAFTA 2.0: What Trump's new US, Mexico and Canada free trade agreement means for Australian farmers
The new US-Mexico-Canada free trade agreement (USMCA) could have ramifications for Australian farmers, a Chicago futures expert says, though to what extent depends on its final terms at ratification.
Published: 20/10/2018
Whisky and vodka flow as Tasmanian farmers embrace spirit of sustainability
When it comes to farming, change ensures long-term survival.
Published: 19/10/2018
Start-up seeks to guarantee meat eating quality using science
Guaranteeing the eating quality of a steak or lamb chop is the aim of Adelaide start-up MEQ Probe.
Published: 19/10/2018
Bread made from lentil flour could become the next health food craze
The health benefits of lentils are well known, but new research into lentil flour has shown those benefits are enhanced when it is baked in bread.
Published: 19/10/2018
Federal Government pushes to stop plant-based products labelled as 'meat' or 'milk'
Plant-based products labelled "meat" or "milk" will have to be rebranded if the Federal Government is successful in lobbying for a change of food standards.
Published: 19/10/2018
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