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Intensive barley grass-growing system could have the answer to drought-proofing farms covered
A New South Wales farmer has built an intensive indoor fodder system he says can be built cheaply and provide a lifeline to farmers to drought-proof their property.
Harvest contractors face dismal season with drought having a knock-on effect across eastern Australia
What is expected to be a dismal grain harvest for large parts of eastern Australia is not just bad news for farmers — it will also hurt contractors who rely on good seasons to stay in business.
NSW hit with shocker drought crop
The NSW grain crop this year has been one of the worst in living memory.
Drought bites in the east as ABARES forecasts 12pc cut to grain production
A rough winter for grain growers on the east coast has led the Australian government commodity forecaster, ABARES, to predict a 12 per cent drop in winter grain production from last year's total.
On-farm Energy Audit and Capital Grant Program
The On-farm Energy Audit and Capital Grant Program provides subsidies to assist farmers to reduce their energy charges.
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Fossil record points to 'major transformation' of Australian ecosystems in next 100 years
If the world continues on a "business-as-usual" trajectory on climate change, global ecosystems including Australia's will undergo a "major transformation" over the next century.
Better food policy in Asia
The transformation from a principally poor and agrarian economy into a rich industrial based economy is arguably the only sustainable path out of poverty.
Biosecurity Advisory 21/2018 - Routine Import Risk Analysis for Green snail Cantareus apertus (Born 1778)
Routine Import Risk Analysis for Green snail Cantareus apertus (Born 1778)
Biosecurity Advisory 22/2018 - Routine Import Risk Analysis (IRA) for Import Requirement 33 - Silverleaf Whitefly
Routine Import Risk Analysis (IRA) for Import Requirement 33 - Silverleaf Whitefly
Diversifying into vegetables is working well for one north west dairy farmer
A north west farming family is responding to increased interstate demand for their vegetables thanks to grant money offered after the closure of the Edith Creek milk factory last year.
Cheesemaker enjoys working with smaller dairy to make Tilsit cheese
It's taken a few years to be certified organic, but a North West dairy farming family says the hard work is paying off.
Ancient grain millet has potential to tackle drought, obesity and malnutrition, researcher says
It is the ancient grain that researchers hope could help farmers battling dry conditions, while also helping to tackle global obesity and malnourishment.
Australian university turns tonnes of food waste into potent bio-fertiliser exported to Asian farms
An Australian university is turning tonnes of kitchen scraps into high-value fertiliser that is being sold to farmers in Asia. James Cook University has become the first university in Australia to pioneer an innovative food waste disposal system known as the Bio-Regen.
Renewable energy could add hundreds of thousands of dollars to a commercial farm's value
While communities may object to renewable energy projects such as wind farms, the projects can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to farmers.