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Seasonal climate outlook * UPDATED on 12 July 2018

The outlook for rainfall in Tasmania

For September to November - Spring(September to November) is more likely to be drier than average for Tasmania. Withthe chance of above median rainfall ranging from 20% on King Island, up to40-45% in some areas around the State. 

Historical accuracy for rainfall outlook is moderate for Tasmania for this part of the year.            

The outlook for temperatures in Tasmania  

For August to October -       

1.   Maximum temperatures - the outlook is for above average maximums across the whole State. 

2.   Minimum temperatures - the outlook is for above average minimums across the whole State.   

Historical accuracy for maximum temperature outlook is moderate to high and for minimum temperature outlook is moderate, for Tasmania for this part of the year.

For detailed information, maps and videos - visit the BoM climate outlook website.   The next update is scheduled for 30 August 2018.