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More than the eye can see - Drones and satellites in agriculture. Discover practical uses and benefits now!





What: Join for a networking dinner, drinks and interactive presentations on the use of remote images in agriculture. Hear from commercial operators and a Tasmanian farmer who’s already used the tech and made it pay.

There’ll be a live demonstration of turning a plant-health image into a zone map, loading it into a spreader and variable-rate spreading in action.

Presenters from DroneAg, AgLogic, Datafarming and Altrac Spreading.

Where: Brickendon Estate, 236 Wellington St Longford

When: 4th October,

Time: 2:00-9:00pm

Contact: For more information contact Adrian James: 0408 863 653 or ajames@nrmnorth.org.au

Purchase tickets: Purchase tickets online at https://tas.currinda.com/register/event/1844 Or EFT to Ag Institute Australia BSB 083-184 Acc 155815781 with your name and “Tas”. 

Website: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16TG6NeRdbQPzlJBnUhlubKGOiOecbS-U/view