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Agricultural Weather Observations Bulletin

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Station NameDate/Time ESTTemperature (C)Wetbulb Depression
Rain to 9am
Wind Run
Solar Radiation
(MJ/sq m)
Soil Temperature (C)
MaxMinTerr Min5cm10cm20cm50cm1m
Butlers Gorge
Butlers Gorge09:00 AM Yesterday19.
Central North and Midlands
Cressy09:00 AM Yesterday21.
Launceston09:00 AM Yesterday22.
Launceston Airport09:00 AM Yesterday21.
Low Head09:00 AM Yesterday19.
Central Plateau and Upper Derwent Valley
Bushy Park09:00 AM Yesterday21.
Maydena09:00 AM Yesterday20.
Ouse09:00 AM Yesterday20.
East Coast
Fingal 09:00 AM Yesterday20.310.
Friendly Beaches09:00 AM Yesterday21.
Lake Leake09:00 AM Yesterday18.
Orford09:00 AM Yesterday21.
Northeast Coast and Flinders Island
Flinders Island09:00 AM Yesterday22.718.
Scottsdale 09:00 AM Yesterday20.514.812.22.00.01823.75.315.315.115.214.915.3
St Helens09:00 AM Yesterday19.913.
Northwest Coast and King Island
Cape Grim09:00 AM Yesterday18.516.
Devonport Airport09:00 AM Yesterday21.315.
King Island09:00 AM Yesterday21.
Luncheon Hill09:00 AM Yesterday19.
Marrawah    09:00 AM Yesterday19.715.
Sheffield09:00 AM Yesterday18.413.
Smithton09:00 AM Yesterday20.
Wynyard09:00 AM Yesterday19.316.
Southeast, Huon, Channel and Lower Derwent Valley
Campania09:00 AM Yesterday23.311.
Dover09:00 AM Yesterday22.06.01.9Tce11.0
Grove09:00 AM Yesterday23.
Hobart09:00 AM Yesterday23.
Hobart Airport09:00 AM Yesterday23.711.
Melton Mowbray09:00 AM Yesterday22.
Tunnack09:00 AM Yesterday19.

About this table

  • These observations have not been quality controlled.
  • Reporting schedules:
    • These observations are updated daily around 10 am local time and again at 11:30 am to capture any late observations. Most stations report daily.
    • Maximum and minimum temperatures, rainfall, evaporation and wind run are for the period to 9 am on the day of reporting.
    • Soil temperatures and Delta-T are current at the time of observation.
    • If the period since the last evaporation observation is more than 24 hours, the time in hours since the last observation is shown in brackets after the station name.
    • Sunshine and solar radiation are for the previous day.
  • 'Terr min' is Terrestrial minimum temperature. It is the lowest overnight temperature measured at ground level.
  • 'Delta-T' is Wet Bulb Depression (current Air Temperature - Wet Bulb Temperature) at 9 am. About Delta-T
  • 'Tce' is a trace (<0.1mm) of rainfall.
  • 'Evaporation' is the amount of water loss by evaporation, measured in millimetres per day.
  • 'Wind run' is the length of air passing the station each day.
  • 'Sunshine hours' are the total number of hours of sunshine for that day.
  • The solar radiation values shown are derived from the GOES-9 satellite.
  • The Solar Radiation Map shows the areas where data is and is not available.
  • Any use of the solar radiation estimates requires acknowledgement of the source of the raw satellite data. See satellite details.
  • an empty cell indicates that no data is available.