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The Water Information System of Tasmania (WIST) is a single point of access to Tasmanian freshwater related information. You can select, display and download information on stream flow, water quality and fresh water related documents.   

Funding from the Tasmanian and Australian Governments has been committed to progress large-scale irrigation development in the State.  Visit 'Investing in Irrigation' and 'Water for Profit' for more information and decision support tools.

See - latest information on restrictions  on rivers and streams in Tasmania

Dam Safety 

A dam incident means any incident or event relating to the structural integrity or safety of the dam which causes, or has the potential to cause -

  1. death or injury to a person,.

  2. damage to, or loss of, property or services.

  3. material environmental harm or serious environmental harm.

A dam incident must be reported to DPIPWE on the Dam Safety Hotline 1800 316 377 - available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


For Dam Emergencies that threatens life or property - call  000 ask for Police and report the emergency.  


For more information, visit the DPIPWE Dam Safety pages.  

Other FarmPoint pages:

Climate change


Dams and Dam Permits

Under the Water Management Act 1999, a dam permit is generally required for all dams. There are some exceptions.

Farm Water Management

Best practices to improve farm productivity and water use efficiency.

Flood information for Tasmanian farmers

Flood information and timelines.


Tasmania's groundwater resources are not evenly distributed and quality and yield can be highly variable, depending on the aquifer type, the topographic location and the rainfall.

Water development proposals

Water has a central role in Tasmania's economic development, particularly given the importance of primary industries.

Water Licences and Allocation

Access to water resources is controlled through a licensing and allocation system.

Water quality and assessment information

There is a range of freshwater information available including stream and river flows data, water quality readings and pesticide monitoring in water catchments.

Water resource management

Information on water management.

Field Days - visit the Calendar of Events

For information on field days visit the Calendar of Events.
  Links (FarmPoint is not responsible for the content of the websites linked to below. The link does not constitute any form of endorsement.)

A Guide to Water in Tasmania

The amount and distribution of surface water in Tasmania.

Australian Natural Resources Atlas

Provides access to information on natural resource issues facing agriculture, coasts, dryland salinity, irrigation, land, natural resource economics, rangelands, soils, vegetation, biodiversity, water.

Hydro Tasmania

A Tasmanian Government Business Enterprise responsible for the State's hydro-electric scheme plus new renewable energy generation projects in wind farms and mini-hydro.

Tasmanian Irrigation

Tasmanian Irrigation Pty Ltd was established on 1 July 2011 as a State-owned company. It was created to merge the responsibilities of the former Rivers and Water Supply Commission and the RWSC's two subsidiaries, Tasmanian Irrigation Development Board Pty Ltd and Tasmanian Irrigation Schemes Pty Ltd.

Water Broking World

Water Broking World is the low cost broker for water rights in Australia. Trading water is less complicated than you might think and customers can trade temporary water online. Transfer costs are built into the price, so it's clear what price is offered to buyers and sellers."

Water for Profit Program

The 'Water for Profit' program will ensure farmers are equipped with the right skills and information to increase profits and sustainability from their investment in irrigation.

Water in Tasmania - who is responsible?

A number of bodies aside from DPIPWE have responsibility for the management and regulation of Tasmania's freshwater resources. Areas managed include water pollution, domestic water supply and the public health issues associated with the provision of drinking water.

Water Information System of Tasmania (WIST)

Includes information on water flow, water quality and natural freshwater values.

Water Management Regions in Tasmania

Tasmania is divided into eight water management regions, with major offices in Hobart, Prospect, Devonport and Smithton. Each region is supported by a Regional Water Management Officer (RWMO) who can provide advice on farm dams and general water-related issues.

Water Restrictions current for Tasmania

Search for any current restrictions on irrigation in Tasmania.

Waterfind - water trading

Waterfind is Australia’s online water market offering access to a wide range of water markets throughout Australia. Water buyers can use the service to find and bid for the water that is available to their region and Water sellers can use the system to offer their water to an expansive group of potential buyers that ensures a quick and efficient sale.