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Regulations & Guidelines

This area of FarmPoint contains information about regulations and controls affecting Tasmanian farmers.  These controls include licences, permits, approvals, registrations, codes of practices, standards, guidelines, etc.

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Permits, Forms and Fees 

Dams and Dam Permits

Under the Water Management Act 1999, a dam permit is generally required for all dams. There are some exceptions.

Food Safety

Ensuring food produced in Tasmania's primary production and processing sectors is safe to eat is an important step in ensuring the wellbeing of consumers and protects our reputation as a producer of safe and clean food.

Dairy Effluent Guidelines (DPIPWE)

Dairy effluent is a useful resource with value as a fertiliser and soil conditioner, but there are guidelines that must be followed to ensure health and safety of livestock and workers.
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AgVet Chemicals - licences and certificates (DPIPWE)

Licences for agricultural & veterinary chemicals in Tasmania. Includes training information.

Animal Welfare Act (1993)

An Act to prevent neglect of, and cruelty to, animals, to ensure the welfare of animals, to repeal the Cruelty to Animals Prevention Act 1925 and for related purposes.

Business Tasmania

Business Tasmania is the place to go for all business needs. It contains comprehensive information on licensing, legislative regulations and government services to assist with starting and growing a business.

Buying and Selling Cattle in Tasmania

The National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) is Australia’s system for the identification and tracing of livestock.

Buying and Selling Sheep and Goats in Tasmania

The National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS) for sheep & goats has been developed to maintain and improve access to export markets by strengthening the integrity of the product supply chain.

Chemical Registration and Permits (DPIPWE)

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) in Canberra registers agricultural and veterinary chemicals.

Code of Practice for the Supply and Use of Veterinary Chemical Products (DPIPWE)

A number of codes and guidelines prescribe responsibilities and minimum standards for users of agricultural chemical products in Tasmania.


drumMUSTER is the national program for the collection and recycling of empty, cleaned, non returnable crop production and on-farm animal health chemical containers.

Ground Spraying and Pest Management Licences (ChemCert)

ChemCert Accreditation courses provide training in the safe and effective use of pesticides and veterinary medicines.

Livestock Transport Welfare Standards

National welfare standards for the transport of livestock.

Plant Biosecurity Manual Tasmania

The Plant Biosecurity Manual has been developed to ensure that imported plants and plant products do not pose a threat to Tasmania's primary industries, natural environment, and public health.

Proactive Agricultural Safety and Support Inc (PASS)

Proactive Agricultural Safety and Support Inc. (PASS) is a not for profit, grass roots organisation concerned about safety in the rural workplace. PASS aims to eliminate fatalities and reduce injuries in rural workplaces.

Prohibited and Restricted Agricultural Chemical Products in Tasmania

Restrictions that apply to a number of agricultural chemical products in Tasmania.

Property Registration for Livestock Identification (PICs)

Application forms for Property Identification Codes (PICs) in Tasmania.

Publications, Forms and Permits (DPIPWE)

DPIPWE forms, permits and publications plus other resources relating to natural resource management conservation.

Rural Water Supplies (DHHS)

Information on rainwater tanks, bore water, dam water, rivers and streams, disinfection and filtration.

Service Tasmania

Service Tasmania provides a one stop access to Government transactions, services and information.

Water Restrictions in Tasmania

Water restrictions on rivers and streams are implemented in accordance with a priority of rights under the Water Management Act 1999.