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Natural Resource Management (NRM)

Tasmania's Natural Resource Management (NRM) framework seeks to manage natural resources in a sustainable manner for the long term, achieving a balance between economic and social development and the need to protect the environment.

Property Management Systems Framework
Property planning is a term used to describe the initial planning process where land managers, often assisted by other organisations, develop a property management plan (PMP). The plan describes how certain aspects of an enterprise will be managed. When additional issues such as a business paln or an OH&S plan or environmental management system are added to the property management plan, it becomes a property management system (PMS), as it is dealing with more than one property issue.

Tools, information and calculators for a coordinated approach to on-farm management planning can be found on the Property Management Planning and Land Resource Management page of the FarmPoint website.  

In Tasmania, the regional approach operates under the Tasmanian Natural Resource Management Act (2002).  The Australian Government is involved through the Caring for our Country Initiative.


Conservation and resource management online databases

Online databases related to Conservation and Resource Management.

Environment online databases

Online databases related to Environment.

Funding for Landcare and NRM activities

Opportunities for landholders and organisations to seek funding to undertake NRM and landcare activities.

Natural resources online databases

Online databases related to Natural Resources.

Property Management Planning and Land Resource Management

Land is often managed for multiple benefits, such as agricultural production, biodiversity conservation and water quality. To ensure long-term sustainability, land managers need to consider economic, social and environmental factors.


Salinity causes major social, environmental and economic problems in many parts of Australia. Find out more about the causes and management of salinity with these weblinks

Vegetation management

Information on vegetation management and conservation.

Water resource management

Information on water management.

Weed management

Comprehensive information on weeds, their identification and best methods of control.

Climate change and energy efficiency information

Information, calculation tools and fact sheets on climate change and energy efficiency relevant to Tasmania

Field Days - visit the Calendar of Events

For information on field days visit the Calendar of Events.
  Links (FarmPoint is not responsible for the content of the websites linked to below. The link does not constitute any form of endorsement.)

Australian Natural Resources Atlas

Provides access to information on natural resource issues facing agriculture, coasts, dryland salinity, irrigation, land, natural resource economics, rangelands, soils, vegetation, biodiversity, water.

Caring for our Country (Aust Gov)

'Caring for our Country' is the Australian Government's natural resource management program that integrates the delivery of the existing programs - the Natural Heritage Trust, the National Action Plan for Salinity and Water Quality, the National Landcare Program, the Environmental Stewardship Program and the Working on Country Indigenous Land and Environmental Program.

Cradle Coast NRM - property management land projects

Property management plans in the Cradle Coast NRM region.

Dairying for Tomorrow

A national strategy for the dairy industry to work with community partners, to sustain its natural resources.

Fire ecology

Find out why fire plays such a key role in the ecology of the Tasmanian natural environment.

Invasive Species in Tasmania

The Invasive Species Branch (ISB) has lead responsibility for terrestrial vertebrate invasive animals and all declared weeds in Tasmania. A number of new and emerging threats, as well as established invasive species, will be targeted by the ISB.

Land Drainage in Tasmania

Drainage systems suitable for Tasmanian soil types.

Natural Resource Management (NRM) in Tasmania

There are three NRM regional groups in Tasmania, each working with farmers and others to address their natural resource management needs and concerns. This link is to the site for NRM North, which also provides links to Cradle Coast NRM and NRM South.

Natural Values Atlas (Tasmania)

The Natural Values Atlas is Tasmania’s comprehensive database for flora and fauna information including threatened species.

Private Land Conservation Program in Tasmania

Programs providing assistance for conservation on private land.

Publications, Forms and Permits (DPIPWE)

DPIPWE forms, permits and publications plus other resources relating to natural resource management conservation.

Save the Tasmanian Devil website

The fight to save the Tasmanian Devil is collaboration between the Tasmanian Government, the University of Tasmania and other research institutions, schools, individuals and the corporate community.

Soil Compaction in Tasmania

Information on soil compaction in Tasmania

Tax deductions for landcare operations (ATO)

Information on claiming tax deductions for landcare operations in Australia.

Threatened Species in Tasmania

Detailed resources on Tasmania's threatened species, including listing statements, recovery plans, nomination information and educational resources.